Geometric Rugs Bring High Style to 4 Modern Interiors

Modern design is about structure, with attention to shapes, pattern, and clean lines.  To create this modern aesthetic, choosing a well-made geometric rug will help you design a chic and welcoming room. Unlike traditional French and Oriental rugs, geometric rugs aim for sleek, simple texture rather than grand formality.  This doesn’t mean that geometric rugs are informal – on the contrary – their clever design can make them high-style pieces for any interior. With their emphasis on simplicity, geometric rugs embody the minimal, sophisticated style of today’ fashion trends.

Create Chic Bedroom with Black and White Geometric Rugs and Brown Walls

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A black and white geometric rug looks sharp with coffee brown walls, white linen with brown piping and crystal chandelier. Image courtesy Family Circle.

The gorgeous bedroom features a black and white geometric rug with a tight, octagonal pattern.  The contrast of light and dark makes the rug stand out without being loud or busy.  The bed linens in bright white with black border echo the design of the rug.  A rich, mahogany brown wall contrasts the bright white bedding, giving contrast throughout that is simple, elegant, and lush.

Design Modern Grey and White Living Room with Richly Textured Geometric Rug

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The cut loop texture of the grey geometric rug adds depth and interest to this modern-traditional living room designed Michelle Morgan Harrison. Image courtesy New England Home.

This airy, bright sitting room, designed by Michelle Morgan Harrison, uses subtle textures for definition.  A cream geometric rug, with lines etched throughout, gives subtle dimension.  Other elements of the room use this principle: the white fireplace uses uneven, white brick, throw pillows with crisscross weave, and round backed chairs with tone-on-tone design.  

Artistic Modern Living Room with Purple Walls and Grey and White Geometric Rug

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A grey and white geometric rug provides an elegant and energetic anchor for walls and upholstery fabrics in many shades of purple in the living room of Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada. Image courtesy Elle Decor.

This artistic living room by Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada uses the grey and white geometric rug to influence the furniture of the space.  The geometric rug has a consistent checkerboard pattern in grey and white. The furniture of the space shares this square, straight design.  A large square upholstered ottoman serves as coffee table and its square shape resonates with the square layout of the space as well as the checkerboard pattern of the rug.  A long sofa in a deep purple with squared edges, two square side chairs with lilac pillows reinforce the clean, straight edges of the room’s design. The square shapes are balanced by the curves in the wall shelves and the mirror frame. White in the trim, ceiling and mirror provides a crisp contrast while red pillows add warm color to balance the cool greys and purples.

Add Dynamic Energy to Living Room with Brown and White Geometric Rug

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A white and brown geometric rug with a hexagonal pattern brings energy and creates contrast with the rounded shape of the red contemporary sofa and the round coffee table in a living room designed by Emiliano Salci & Britt Moran. Image courtesy Emiliano Salci & Britt Moran.

Geometric rugs, with their variety of fun shapes, are perfect for creating a more whimsical, non-traditional space.  This sitting room designed by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran demonstrates this perfectly.  It’s important to use the rug to create a mood for the space, and the room uses the modified honeycomb design of the rug beautifully.  A red, curved sofa, a futuristic light fixture, and a pop of canary yellow match the eccentric quality of the rug.

Geometric rugs work well with clean, modern design because they thrive on shapes, lines, and patterns that are sleek and simple.  Geometric rugs have natural structure, which can give rooms rich texture, as well as display contrasts for an elegant effect.  A simple black and white color palette is instantly made chic by geometric design…  A geometric rug can also provide an excellent foundation for decor, with a squared off geometric rug working well with clean, squared furniture.  Likewise, as in the last image, a hexagonal geometric pattern in a rug can work well with shapes like circles, curves, and rounded edges.  Also, geometric rugs can be used to create playful spaces. Their attention to shape and clean details makes geometric rugs a perfect choice for sleek design.

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