Geometric Rugs Bring Modern Flair to 3 Interiors

Even though geometric rugs are known for their modern appeal their patterns go back hundreds of years to classical architecture, ancient textiles, inlaid stone mosaics and Moroccan tiles. Today interior designers are using geometric rugs in both contemporary and traditional interiors. Softly colored geometric rugs bring out the beauty of the furniture and fabrics in a room while boldly colored geometric rugs can help add a strong personality to a room. Designers can create an unlimited number of looks by working with different types of geometric rugs. Some geometric rugs have small scale patterns in muted colors, others have large scale patterns in high contrast colors. One of the best ways to learn how to decorate with geometric rugs is to look at the work of great interior designers. We will learn from three stunning interiors featured in today’s post.

Create a Chic and Modern Style with Geometric Rugs


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A blue-grey and white geometric rug in a medium scale pattern and muted colors adds elegance and comfort to a modern seating area in an open plan room designed by Kyle Knight. Image courtesy Knight Interiors.

This open plan living area designed by Kyle Knight feels intimate and warm because of the way Knight has used to define the seating area with the geometric rug and then arranged sofa and chairs in cream and white to create a clean and calm atmosphere. Warmth is added by the dark wood floor and the dark brown leather stools. Pops of blue and orange move the eyes across the room and create energy . The large glass coffee table and side tables make it comfortable for guests to set down drinks and relax. A mix of different textures such as polished metal, leather, wood, glass, cotton fabrics and wool rug makes the room feel more interesting and comfortable

Geometric rugs serve two purposes in this design. The rug’s large size encompasses the sitting area, making it feel as if guests are in a smaller area and guides them closer to the area. The blue-grey design also helps add chic personality. The colors of the rug help bring out the beauty of the other objects in the room.

Evoke Romantic Paris with Geometric Rug

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Lee Radziwill’s library in her Fifth Avenue apartment was designed with the help of the legendary Renzo Mongiardino and features a cream. brown and gold geometric kilim rug. Image Cotedetexas blog.

The cream background of the geometric rug in Lee Radziwill’s apartment brings light into a room that would otherwise be a little too dark. The room has a sophisticated European look that is oftern described as a “Collected, not Decorated” look. There is an overall harmony of color with golds, browns and cream fabrics. There is also a contrast between the serrated diamonds in the geometric rug and the tiger patterned silk velvet on the stools and the sofa. One can even imagine that the diamond pattern in the rug is vaguely reminiscent of a leopard pattern. The faded green on the walls brings in a cool color to balance all the warm yellows, golds and browns in the room. The old paintings in gilded frames accentuate the old world atmosphere.

Bring a Modern Vibe to an Antique Filled Room with Geometric Rug

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Windsor Smith used a geometric rug in a medium-scale pattern and muted neutral colors to bring a modern vibe to this room which has a mix of antiques and mid-century modern furnishings. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Windsor Smith has a created a wonderful interplay between different styles, different patterns, textures, materials and light and dark colors. The grey and white geometric rug pulls together these many different elements into a beautiful whole. Let us look at the many different elements and styles-the dark brown, green and gold Chinese screen has an organic pattern that contrasts with the modern lines of the dark grey velvet sofa, lime green silk pillows and gold coffee table. The brown and white zebra fabric on the bench contrasts with the grey and white geometric rug. The faint grey and white mural on the wall adds a subtle layer that resonates with the screen and also creates a contrast with the geometric pattern of the rug and the straight lines of the gold coffee table and the sofa. There is also a wonderful mix of materials and textures. 

The three rooms in todays are very different from each other is style, atmosphere and personality. I hope it give you a flavor of the wide range of possibilities geometric rugs open up. The best way to start is to pick a geometric rug you like and let it sit in the room for a while. Slowly ideas will come to you. Experiment and be willing to take chances. You will gradually pull together the elements that will make the room work for you.

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