Geometric Rugs Bring Ton of Personality to 3 Chic Interiors

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Geometric patterns add energy and chic style to an interior. Take a look at the amazing presence created by the geometric tiled floor and vibrantly colorful geometric patterns on the ceiling of the famous “Peacock room” in Tuscany’s Castello di Sammezzano. So stunning, you’d never imagine it was abandoned, but it is. Photo courtesy of

Choosing the right pattern and palette for a geometric rug can be difficult if you try to find a rug after a room has already been decorated. This is why many interior designers start the room by first choosing a rug. Some designer’s such as Thomas C. Achille even go so far as to advise, “Let the rug be the star.” Today we’re going to put this approach into action and show how three designers have created chic, personal spaces with geometric rugs.

Give a Room a Ton of Personality with Geometric Rug

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Here, designer Ruthie Sommers chose a trellis-patterned ivory and purple geometric rug as the foundation for this energetic living room. Photo by Francesco Lagnese for Veranda.

Sommers’ describes how she approaches a decorating project, “I always like my rooms to have a ton of personality and a bit of fun.” The yellow damask pattern on the walls provides an energetic contrast to the geometric rug, providing a mix of patterns that makes the room feel lively and fun. Sommers has created created a mix of shapes and colors that keep visitors engaged in the fun, funky space.

Creating a youthful, energized space is a matter of choice. Vivid colors, contrasting colors and a mix of strong patterns help tell the story of the homeowners. Another axiom Sommers leads design work with is, “Buy what truly moves you” – a sentiment that lead to the creation of this dynamic space.

Introduce Interesting Patterns to Neutral Space with Geometric Rug

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In the Manhattan dining room of Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan, Gomez Associates brought classical custom furnishings together with a geometric Art Deco rug and a period Venetian glass chandelier. Photo by William Abranowicz for Architectural Digest.

The simple elegance of the table and chairs, the subtle tint of the Venetian glass and the muted hue of the diptych by Uta Barth create an almost Spartan ambiance. What pulls us into the space is the deco detail of the geometric rug at the room’s base.

A geometric rug can bring a sophisticated pattern into a room as this Art Deco geometric rug does. The room has more personality and engages the interest of guests with the elegant simplicity of well chosen objects.

Design a Stylish Nature Inspired Salon with Geometric Rug

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In this moody Mercer Island home, designer Kelly Wearstler carved out a sumptuous sanctuary using a geometric rug with interlocking curves. The rug’s shapes echo through the De Sede sofa, deco style chairs and entwined branches of the tree silhouetted on the wall. Photo by Mikkel Vang for Elle Décor.

The metallic accents peppered through the space add glimmer and warmth to the palette – and the stunning Jean de Merry chandelier adds an amazing layer of texture to this unique retreat.

By using the geometric rug to enhance the enveloping lines of the sofa, Wearstler invites guests to become ensconced in the soothing air of the salon. A feeling you can create in your own home with a carefully-chosen geometric rug and choosing furniture that wraps your visitors in a warm welcome. 

I hope these rooms spark ideas for you can inject a unique emotion, dash of energy, or touch of personality with a geometric rug.

The geometric rug plays an integral part in the overall look and feel of all three interiors in today’s post. To create such an integrated look it is essential that the rug be chosen early in the design process. There are many more choices of fabrics and furniture than there are in rugs so it is much easier to fabrics and furniture to work with a rug than a rug to work with fabrics that have already been chosen.

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