Geometric Rugs Enhance 4 Modern and Traditional Interiors

Geometric patterned floors go back two thousand years to classical Greece and Rome and in the past few years we have seen a great resurgence in the popularity of geometric rugs with patterns inspired by antique stone and wood floors and classical architecture. The new geometric rugs are very versatile and are being used by interior designers with both modern and traditional furniture. A carefully chosen geometric rug can create cohesion and make the overall room design more engaging. Whether you choose a bold geometric pattern in highly contrasting colors or a subtle pattern in soft colors, geometric rugs are an excellent choice.

Geometric Rugs Allow Artwork to Shine

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This library, designed by Joe Nahem, shows that geometric patterns don’t have to steal the show. The geometric pattern in this rug is a perfect complement to the contemporary chair and modern art. Image courtesy Simon Upton and Architectural Digest.

The homeowners of this Greenwich, Connecticut Colonial Revival wanted to showcase their collection of modern art. The contemporary choices in this room allow the eccentric Sean Landers painting to maintain the focus. The faux-bois chair juxtaposes perfectly with the subtle geometric pattern of the rug. They key here is to let all of these elements work together. The choice of rug is just as unexpected as the art and it really makes the space work. 

Create Drama with Contrasting Colors and Geometric Rug

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This room in New Orleans uses the classic contrast of light and dark to create drama. A blue, cream and gold geometric rug anchors blue and white geometric patterned fabrics on the chair and pillows. Image courtesy Kerri McCaffety.

Designer Ned Marshall chose to pair brown and blue in his dining room. In this dramatic space, the blue geometric rug complements the Louis XV-style chairs which also feature an eye-catching geometric pattern. The rich shade of brown on the wall and the light blue of the rug, chair, and pillows bring an exciting sense of contrast to the space. The intricate gilded rococo mirror adds elegance and Southern charm to this beautiful New Orleans home.

Geometric Rugs Prove that More is More

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This daring sitting area challenges the minimalist view that less is more. The red, black and white geometric rug adds a touch of seriousness to this playful vignette. Image courtesy Laurey W. Glenn.

Furbish Studio’s Jamie Meares layers floral and geometric patterns and combines traditional and global design. The result is delightful. You probably would have never guessed that the sofa featured in this space used to resemble grandma’s settee. The sofa was recovered with a bold black and white pattern. The couch works well with the diamond pattern of the Moroccan geometric rug. 

Try an Eclectic look with Geometric Rugs

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The Greek Key is one of the most familiar patterns used in geometric rugs. The blue in the geometric rug enhances the robin’s egg color of the plush couch. Image courtesy Eric Piasecki.

In this room designed by Katie Ridder, the geometric rug anchors the eclectic elements in the space. The floor to ceiling bookcase house a rainbow of colors, a diverse palette from which the designer draws inspiration. The green walls are an unexpected touch and feel refreshing next to the white trim and ceiling. Ridder uses simple pieces and relies on the combination of color and vintage simplicity to create this lovely look. This look can be reproduced with the right grouping of furniture and a beautiful geometric rug.

You can create a variety of different looks using geometric rugs in any room. Regardless of your style, there is a geometric rug to suit your taste. Though some people may shy away from geometric patterns, these rugs can be as subtle or bold as you like. There is no formula when it comes to choosing the right rug. The best advice for those who wish to use this design element is to take a chance and have fun! Mix and match patterns, textures, and colors until you find a look that represents your unique style. 

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