Geometric Rugs Enrich 5 Stunning Interiors

Geometric rugs offer incredible possibilities for design stylish interiors. Well-chosen geometric rugs can: provide unity for collected spaces; add subtle contrast to a limited palette; and, even impart an air of personality that proclaims the room uniquely yours. Today we’re going to look at five stunning examples of how geometric rugs have been used to elevate the spaces they anchor.

Design a Vibrant Living Room with Geometric Rug

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Robert Passal crafted this inviting living room to feature a brown and cream geometric rug as its foundation. While the high-contrast pattern might seem overwhelming when seen by itself, it works extremely well when it is paired with a rich collection of fabrics, colors and textures as in this living room. Passal’s explained his approach to creating amazing rooms such as this one, “The goal is to create a space that feels as though it’s been amassed over many years and is filled with character and a sense of humor. I love to create spaces where the details are slowly revealed and unfold over time.”

This room is packed with details guests will love to discover. Passal’s use of geometric rugs in several portfolio projects speaks to their versatility in defining such stylishly “collected” interiors. Image courtesy of Robert Passal.

Create a Stunning Modern Living Area with Geometric Rug

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When you’ve got a space this magnificent to work with choosing the right interior components can be a challenge. Here, interior designers Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran of Dimore Studio pulled out all the stops to create a living room that is amazing from every angle. The large-patterned, brown geometric rug is unobtrusive and offers a clean foundation for a carefully selected range of period details, setting the stage for an orange Ours Polaire sofa – the undisputed star of the show.

The cool blue walls keep the darker floor and furnishings from absorbing too much of the full-height window’s natural light. The sleek lines of the sofa and other furnishings provide a smooth contrast with the angular pattern of the geometric rug, ascending stairs and even the window’s lines. Finally, the bold drapery provides an excellent finishing touch to a room that should inspire your inner design risk taker – the gamble of combining these elements together has definitely paid dividends for the boys from Dimore. Image courtesy of Dimore Studio.

Add Energy and Style to Living Room with Geometric Rug

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Using geometric rugs in monochromatic spaces can provide an added depth of color that doesn’t disrupt the overall palette. Here, we see a largely neutral interior in brown shades ranging from cream to beige to deep chocolate. While the windows are a reasonable size and provide ample light to the space, the rich brown walls, and dark wood furnishings could make the room look dark without the energy injected by the contrasting tones of the geometric rug as well as the pop of color provided by the floral arrangement and reddish-purple upholstered seat cushion. Photo by Joshua McHugh for Architectural Digest.

Add Personality to a Home Office with Geometric Rug

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While we’re on the topic of adding energy, Steven Gambrel employs a similar device in this beautiful Southampton lounge, where the high-contrast geometric rug complements the dark wood floors, rich brown walls and coffee-toned furnishings. The cream drapes provide contrast and also connect with the cream in the geometric rug. Image courtesy SR Gambrel.

Design a Chic Games Room with Geometric Rug

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This games room was also designed by Steven Gambrel. It shows a billiards table and lighter-toned seating area. Rather than look dark or confused, the room has a quality of motion, unity, and personality thanks to the geometric rug and gold and polished brown accents spread across the space. Image courtesy SR Gambrel.

As these delicious brown interiors have shown, using geometric rugs for your next interior design project can bring a whole new dimension of beauty to your room.

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