Geometric Rugs Ramp Up Chic Factor in 4 Colorful Interiors

Designer Christina Murphy says “Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.”  Murphy’s decorating approach can help you design rooms that are the essence of chic. In order to design such an interior you need to understand how to use color effectively and how to create drama with great looking geometric rugs. Take a close look at the four interiors with geometric rugs and see how the room’s designers used pattern, color and a mix of textures to create stunning rooms.

Create Young Vibe with Colors and Geometric Rug

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An exuberant blue and white geometric rug, pink pillows and pale green walls bring a young energy to this living room.

This geometric rug in striking white and cerulean blue immediately draws the eye. It connects with the blue and white vase and window treatments, and it creates an engaging look paired with the coral in the pillows and orange and white vase; blue’s contrasting color is orange and juxtaposing these colors makes the blue, orange and pink pop.

Choose a geometric rug with two high contrast colors and keep walls and main furniture neutral. Then, mix accessories in both the main color of the rug and also in contrasting colors which are found on the opposite side of the color wheel.

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Another example of a geometric rug in cool blues paired with warm yellow pillow and brown walls and floor. Yellow is a contrasting color to blue and turquoise and pops when placed next to them.

You can try pairing other cool colors such a turquoise with warm colors such as yellow to create punches of color as in the above room. Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow will pop when placed next to cool colors such as green, blue and purple. This room also shows how you can add depth to a room’s design by adding more complementary colors such as cool turquoise next to cool blue. The yellow pillow pops against the turquoise and the turquoise chair pops against the warm brown wall. These punches of colors create that youthful, engaging look Murphy is speaking about.

Create a Calm and Energizing Room with Splashes of Color on Neutral Geometric Rug

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A gray geometric rug with textured circles sets a neutral canvas for red and orange punches of color in a contemporary office.

Another way to design a chic room is to use a geometric rug with neutral color palette and a luscious texture. In this home office, the geometric rug is subtly colored but it has an engaging texture. The room’s intense red and orange can play center stage against the neutral gray of the rug and the warm colors create a wonderful impact. Additionally, the rug’s circular motifs are echoed in the upholstered pillow and in the curve of the chair. The abstract art on the wall provides contrast to all the rounded patterns and shapes. If you wish to create a similar feeling and look, choose a cool neutral geometric rug, and maintain that neutral palette throughout the room. Then, choose an intense warm color, and use it in a sparing but striking manner throughout your space.

Design a Chic Room by Using Different Shades of a Color Derived from Rug

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The purple-pink background color of the geometric rug inspired the lighter shades of purple-pink that is used in the chair and drapery. White walls, ceiling and white furniture create contrast and give the room a clean, well lighted look. 

In this home office, the deep purple-pink background of the geometric rug is the inspiration for the lighter shades of this color in the chairs, window treatments and wall art. The rug’s neutral gray and white pattern allows the vibrant color to stand out without overpowering the room. For your room, find a geometric rug with a dark colored background and pattern in light neutral colors. Keep the chic vibes going by using several different lighter shades of the rug’s background color at various points in an otherwise neutral space.

Geometric rugs can create a chic atmosphere with artful use of color. Your geometric rug can be used with furniture and accessories in contrasting colors to create pops of color. Or you can use a geometric rug with a cool neutral color and a rich texture and then create pop with warm colored fabrics and accessories. Lastly you can choose a geometric rug with a dark background color and then use lighter shades of that color throughout the room along with lots of white to create contrast and a light and airy feeling as in the fourth interior.

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