Glamorize Boring Rooms with Chic Geometric Rugs

What can geometric rugs do for pretty but bland rooms? Have you ever been in a room that was undeniably beautiful, successfully hitting most of the “rules” of design, but that was still missing that special something? You know it would be perfect if it had that one special ingredient that would give it “oomph?” Think of geometric rugs as special ingredients for pretty but plain rooms.

When you think of geometric rugs, you may think of those made from cheap, synthetic fibers, filled with unnatural hues that appear garish instead of vivid and colorful. Those are not the geometric rugs that you should be focusing on when adding that special something to your room. A geometric rug can be a stunning early 19th-century Oushak emblazoned with a subtle but powerful geometric floral motif. A geometric rug can be a beautiful floor covering that brings to mind the Moroccan tile flooring that you coveted in that Marrakech riad (a riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard) you stayed in years ago. Good quality geometric rugs can be the secret ingredients that take your plain Jane room to new heights.

When choosing geometric rugs, choose ones that play off of any architectural elements in the room, like arches or picture-frame molding. Let them mimic elements of favorite pieces of artwork or sculptures. Choose geometric rugs that continue a monochromatic theme in your space, or choose ones that have colors on the opposite side of the color wheel from other colors you’ve used in the room. You can use a split complementary scheme, or get funky with a triadic one. Just ask yourself if you feel amazing when you walk into the room. If you do, it’s the right rug.

It’s All Greek to Me: Greek Key Geometric Rugs

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Deliciously colorful library made glamorous by a beige and cream Greek Key geometric rug. Interior design by Katie Ridder.

When it comes to filling a room with geometric patterns, sumptuous textures and vibrant hues, Katie Ridder gets an “A.” A former editor at House Beautiful and pegged a top designer by magazines like Elle Décor and New York, Ridder makes rooms that are simply mesmerizing.  With her brilliant use of color, pattern and texture, entering a room she’s designed results in a decadent sensory rush. Geometric rugs are just one of the design elements she uses to make pretty rooms pop.

This room showcases a library she did in an Arkansas home. With walls and built-in bookshelves that have been bathed in Farrow & Ball’s “Ballroom Blue” paint and chairs upholstered in a buttery yellow leather, the room was beautiful and welcoming on its own. The Greek-key patterned rug in cream and cinnamon adds an unexpected but wholly welcome liveliness. 

Waterside Edginess with Chic Geometric Rug

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Lisa Torbett injects luxurious classic and modern Southern comfort into all of her designs. Featured in magazines like Architectural Digest and Trends, she brings rooms to life with the careful layering of texture and color with a red and gold geometric rug. Like any good Southern designer, she understands the importance of outdoor life and takes advantage of outdoor views when setting her indoor scenes. Image courtesy Lisa Torbett Interiors.

In this room, the coral and gold geometric rug helped her set the setting for the water views. It takes a space already long on beauty with its decorative arches, simple white furnishings and upholstered sofas, and the red and gold geometric rug kicks it up a notch with a mixture of edginess and good looks.  

A gorgeous geometric rug in a beautiful room is like a stunningly beautiful woman who graces you with a smile of pure joy. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Coco Chanel said, “Always be different.” With geometric rugs in your rooms, you can be.

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