Gorgeous Design Scheme for Needlepoint Rug with Gold, Green, Red

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I like this needlepoint rug’s enchanting border and flexible, wide ranging color palette. This will make it easy to select colors for adjoining spaces. Sources are at the end of this post.

A trend in today’s homes is open concept design. Gone are the days of formal living rooms dedicated for holidays or just for welcoming guests. Instead, great rooms have becoming more popular. They have multiple functions- kitchen, dining and living spaces. This trend poses a special challenge to interior decorators. It is not easy to fashion three defined spaces that blend seamlessly with one another and appear neither too formal nor too casual out of a single, enormous room. The key is to start with one of two high quality furnishings that marry beautiful design with practical materials.

This is why I started with this needlepoint rug. It is a statement piece that immediately brings character to the living area. I like the enchanting borde and the sage green vines with rose, brick-red and white flowers on a wheat gold background. Having a broad range of colors in the needlepoint rug makes it easier to select colors for adjoining spaces. The darker hues and intricate color shading makes this needlepoint rug very practical for everyday use. I specially like the fact that the needlepoint rug has not been chemically distressed to give it an antique appearance which means it will not intoduce harmful chemicals into the home.

I have chosen a tan velvet fabric for the chair and a teal blue brushed cotton for the sofa. I like the multiple wood finishes, from dark walnut to white washed pine-they add charm and character. This gorgeous living area is sure to make everyone feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.


Needlepoint Rug in gold, green and red; Swedish Art Deco/Moderne Armchairs; Table Lamps signed Romeo Rega; Neoclassical Occasional Tables by Edward J Wormley; Sofa by Frits Henningsen; Swedish Modern Slat Table; 20th Century Painted Tall Cabinets.

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