Gray Geometric Rugs Make it Easy to Design Contemporary Rooms

There was a time when if you had told someone that you were going to paint some rooms in your home grey and throw in some geometric rugs for an added spicy touch, they would have nodded and smiled at you and then talked trash about you behind your back. Throw geometric rugs into the mix and you would have been thrown in the loony bin yourself. Grey was looked at as the color of prison walls or abandoned hospital buildings. Then, someone threw a coat of grey paint on a few walls, and a star was born. Suddenly, grey started appearing in shelter magazines from London to Cape Town. Grey was embraced as the beautiful “new” neutral. The really great thing about it was that this beautiful color worked as a bold hue in a room or as a relaxing neutral.

Grey walls and geometric rugs are a great combination, and they’re a brilliant way to give your rooms a look that is tailored, contemporary and exotic. When decorating with grey geometric rugs, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t be afraid to try different shades of grey when working with geometric rugs. Bold, nearly black greys could look amazing with geometric rugs featuring bold, graphic patterns, while pale, almost purple greys could look brilliant with geometric rugs that feature more subtle patterns. Try out several combinations until you find the one that works.

  • Many grey rooms are enhanced by pops of bold color. Have you seen grey rooms with white furnishings, dark hardwood floors and pops of orange accessories? Exquisite doesn’t even begin to describe how beautiful those spaces look. You can feature geometric rugs that have your accent color of choice, or you can use the accent color in your other accessories.

Geometric Rugs and Grey Rooms: Cozy Central

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A grey geometric rug provides the perfect anchor for a stunning and sunny contemporary living room designed by Ann Lowengart. Image courtesy

San Francisco-based designer Ann Lowengart loves to create rooms that leave her clients breathless with appreciation. Her goal is to design rooms that are beautiful, comfortable and within the client’s budget. She takes a room’s architectural details into account before beginning work. While respecting a client’s wishes, she encourages them to use details they may not have considered using, and it’s those special details that help her work hit a high note with so many clients.

In rooms like this one, geometric rugs provide an extra pop of sizzle. The rug’s dark grey and white pattern mimics the room’s luscious paint color, Benjamin Moore ‘Silhouette.’ When it comes to those accent colors we spoke about above, Lowengart brought in tons of scintillating detail by using orange, white and lime green accents. The green Jonathan Adler X-bench provides an alternate seating/table area that fills the space with joyous energy and complements the Jonathan Adler coffee table beautifully. The bubble glass chandelier adds just the right amount of eclectic sparkle. The great thing about this room is that it was furnished using affordable pieces from retailers like Ikea and Room and Board. It drives home the point that beautiful design can be accessible.

Decorating Teen Dream Rooms with Geometric Rugs

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A grey geometric rug sets the stage for a stunning contemporary room by interior designer Brian Alan Kirkland.

Brian Alan Kirkland is an Atlanta-based designer who takes timeless, classic, often minimalist design and gives it a punch of vibrant color. In this teen retreat, geometric rugs like this one provide a neutral base from which the grey pops. Maroon and gold accent pieces energize the space. The gold chandelier adds a shimmering jewel-like touch. It’s as if he brought his own sunshine into the space.

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