Great First Impression: Enrich Entry Halls with Decorative Rugs

We all know that first impression count the most, yet too often people give cursory attention to the entry and hallways of their homes. The bottom line is that decorating your entrance and hallway really does matter. Many people throw up a painting or two, slap down a decorative rug and call it a day, forgetting about the entrance as soon as the work is done. What’s unfortunate about this approach is that they miss the unique opportunity to create a favorable first impression of their home and even of themselves.  Guests also feel more important if they enter a home from an impressive and welcoming entrance.  A half-heartedly decorated entrance is at best boring and forgettable and at worst, it can leave the wrong impression about you and your home.

Entrance and Hallways: Great Places to Showcase Individuality

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This impressive entrance hallway has an Egyptian theme with it’s geometric floor in inlaid marble and striped walls and ceiling designed by Kelly Wearstler and Tichenor and Thorp architects. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The entrance is where you make the first and last impression. The purpose of hallways is to connect rooms from one part of a home to another. Instead of looking at them as boring, see them as opportunities to express yourself. In fact, your hallways could represent awesome opportunities for you to let loose in ways that you might not be able to in other areas of your home. Many of today’s homebuyers choose more modern home interiors with open layouts. Due to these layouts, they’re generally sans hallway. As much as those homeowners love open layouts, many of them admit that they miss the sense of definition and separation a hallway can give. 

Keep the following in mind when considering the design of your hallways:

  • Think of your entry and hallway as another room in your home when you’re figuring out how to style it. Give it the same level of importance that you’d give any other space in your home. Think of the color you’ll paint the walls, what type of lighting you’ll use, etc. 

  • Go a bit bolder in the hallways. If you’ve always like the idea of expressing your slightly wilder design style, but you’re afraid to use it in large rooms, express yourself in your hallways. Line them with funky, modern art or use a color that you might be afraid to use elsewhere. Your goal is to turn your hallway from a boring pass-through into a dazzling path of self-expression. 

Leverage Existing Features

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The cream, red and blue oriental rug runner resonates with the rough wood beams in the hallway of Bill and Dinah Ruch’s Los Angeles home designed by Commune, Los Angeles. The Arts and Crafts bench and wall sconces build on the rustic architecture. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Here are some tips you can use when thinking of ways to decorate your hallway:

  • Play up your hallway’s distinctive architectural details. Stained glass windows, wooden beams and skylights are just some of the features that deserve being shown off. In the above photo, this stunningly designed hallway in Bill and Dinah Ruch’s L.A. home (formerly owned by legendary photographer and actress Jean Howard) has rustic wood beams that are complemented by the Bijar oriental rug runner and a gorgeous Arts & Crafts bench made by the eclectic L.A.-based design studio Blackman Cruz.

  • If space permits, add in seating to create a space for you and your guests to sit back and take a deep breath. Seating positioned near windows would allow your guests to enjoy the inside and outside views. 

  • Don’t skimp on quality when thinking about lighting and accessories. Legendary designer Miles Redd once said, “Buy the best, and you’ll only cry once.” This is especially applicable to the entrance and hallways. From colorful decorative rugs to hip Sputnik chandeliers, your choices are endless. 



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