Green Rugs: 5 Chic Interiors by Top Designers

Nature has made green the most abundant color for a reason – it soothes our eyes and rejuvinates our spirits. This makes decorating with green rugs an attractive prospect for many interiors. Enven small amounts of green in a rug can have the beneficial effects of this color. You do not have to flood the room with lots of green as you will see in the 5 chic rooms in today’s post.

Give Living Rooms a Playful Energy with Green Rugs

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This vibrant apple green seating area is a great example of how small amounts of green in a rug can provide you the basis for using green colors on the walls and accessories. The white, grey and green rug brings plenty of young energy to the space while the grey sofa resonates nicely with the black-and-white images to keep the room grounded. The brass tables bring round shapes, add a warm color and an additional texture. This beautiful living room by Amanda Nisbet proves that even small amounts of green accent colors in a rug can allow you to bring in the healing and soothing powers of green to a room. Image courtesy of Amanda Nisbet Design.

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Interior designer Eliza Gatfield’s living room also has a green rug which has lots of white in the background. This green rug was custom-designed by Gatfield for the space. By injecting bursts of green throughout the room, Gatfield mixed patterns in a way that looks cohesive and gives the room an inviting feeling. The grey walls and grey book shelves provide a clean and contemporary backdrop which keeps the room from looking busy. The grey color also gives the room a contemporray feeling. Design guru Edwina Hunt once said, “I don’t like things to match. To me what’s important is that a house have a soul.” This room certainly has sould even though the color do not all match. Photo by Bruce Buck, Traditional Home.

Design a Modern Room with Green Rug

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Just because green reminds us of nature and is soothing to our eyes, doesn’t mean a room with green rugs has to be a cavernous expanse flooded with natural light and adorned with spring-like foliage. Sometimes, a dark space can be just as inviting and appealing to the eye. Here we see a rich, modern interior with classic accents designed by Doug Meyer. The cobalt drenched walls, a striped green rug, vintage sofa, and iconic Charles Eames swivel chair in emerald and aluminum come together to create an overall feeling of being enrobed in the colorful space. The addition of a Renaissance painting makes this room extraordinary. Image courtesy of AD France Collector.

Create a Luxurious and Classic Living Room

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This Hollywood regency interior by Billy Baldwin feels utterly luxurious. The dark grey walls, silver framed rococco mirror, gold and black Chinese screen, green upholstered chairs, white Gothic fireplace, cozy fire. candles and a pair of end tables with intricate inlay work create a cozy and stylish room. Of course, you can turn on the large gold and crystal chandelier there to shed some light on things if you’re really interested, but I prefer to consider the space as a more intimate, warm respite from the cares of the world.

Clean Modern Interior with Green Geometric Rug

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Milan’s interior design fairy godmother, Nina Yashar calls the city’s Città Studi neighborhood home. The 250sqm home is rich with Milanese architectural details from the 1940s, when it was constructed. Throughout the room one finds an eclectic assemblage of modernist pieces that evoke a certain sense of period but also create a clear sense of in-the-moment presence. The use of green rug with diamonds in many shades of green from yellow-green to blue-green creates a soothing and invigorating energy. The geometric green rug also provides a gentle directional queue encouraging visitors to lounge a while and discuss the day’s events. Photo by Ruy Teixeira, Casa Vogue.

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Green is truly nature’s healing, soothing and invigorating colors. You have seen that a green rug does not have to contain a large amount of green. If a rug has green as an accent color you can use that to bring in green accessories and even green walls. In this way you can enjoy all the benefits of green without enveloping the room in too much green.

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