Green Rugs Add Fresh Energy to 3 Interiors

Green is more than a color that adds a fashionable statement to a room. The color green represents the healing energy of nature and certain shades of green have soothing effect on the eyes. Green rugs are available in a wide range of patterns and in may shades of green. They are a great way to make a room look beautiful and feel welcoming. Deeper shades of green can create a unique image while lighter shades can help brighten the room. We will study three interiors and learn how interior designers decorate with green rugs. Bring Nature Indoors with Green Rug

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This carved rose green rug is the highlight of this room and brings a touch of outdoor life. Interior design by Susan Johns.

This almost-bare room contains a variety of inviting features. Even though no chairs are seen in the photo, the comforting design of the mock fireplace, large outdoor windows and floor-level bookshelf gives people the urge to sit down and enjoy the area. Green rugs in this room help to create a plusher environment while inviting in the outdoor colors from the large windows.

Guests are immediately drawn to the bright green rug because of its bright green rose pattern. With very little surrounding it, this carved rose rug is allowed to have its moment. The dark wooden floorboards create a border around the rug, making it clear to passersby that this is the highlight of the room. The plush carved pattern makes the room feel inviting even though it does not have any seating.

Add Fresh Energy to Antique Filled Room with Green Rug

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A muted green oriental rug with dusty rose and cream accents allowed designers Jean Perin and Alison Martin to use bright yellow-green on the walls which brings a fresh look to this traditional room. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

 Designers Jean Perin and Alison Martin added fresh energy to this room by using a bright yellow green on the walls and blue-green cabinets and bookcases. The colorful book bindings connect with the red tones in the green rug and the red slipper chair and pillows. Precious antiques including a circa 1830 painting and a Turkish Revival slipper chair give this room a warm look that invite us to sit down with a good book.

Create a Bold Modern Look with Green Rug

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A green leather rug adds style to this all white bedroom designed by Everett Stunz.

Because green is a color that looks amazing in almost any hue, the color can be used in several bold and exciting ways. In this modern design by Everett Stunz, green is used as a bold pathway to the inviting bed. The rich color is a reminder of the great outdoors. Matched with only two throw pillows and a potted plant, the green rug allows the white to take center stage in this bold bedroom design.

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