Green Rugs Add Freshness and Style to 4 Interiors

All colors have subtle meanings, quietly altering the mood and feeling of a room. Green is no exception, and has long been known as a color that promotes peace and a feeling of new life. Green is often associated with spring, and with spring comes happiness and a feeling of rebirth. This color is also known to freshen up a space and bring light to a room, creating a rejuvenating feeling of calmness. 

Create Classic Elegance with a Green Rug

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David Easton creates an elegant look and feel by use of a damask patterned green rug in this cozy sitting room. Photo courtesy David Easton.

The damask pattern of this majestic green rug helps make this small space feel roomy. The color green remains a theme of the room, also showcased in the drapes, chairs and sofa. The many patterns complement each other instead of clashing and help create an overall unique, rich look and texture. multiple shades of green are used to add interest and the yellow walls and orange accent colors add warmth and create pop.

Create a Modern Flair with a Green Rug

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A custom green rug designed by Eliza Gatfield adds a pop of color and new age feel to this gorgeous living area. Photo Courtesy Traditional Home.

Green rugs are a great way to spruce up any space, creating a modern feel that brings the outside indoors, as is shown here. This rug has a unique, Matisse-like pattern in varying shades of green that resonate with the green hues of the various pieces of furniture placed throughout the room. The majority of the wall space is painted in pale grey which makes the room feel large and inviting, with pops of green showing up in strategic areas like behind the bookshelves that help bring in plenty of natural light from the large windows. A light shade of pink on the curved ceiling takes the eyes upwards to appreciate the paintings.

Bring Nature Inside and Optimize Natural Light Sources with Green Rugs

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Designer Janet Simon’s dining area is one that helps cast beauty upon her home with colors inspired by nature inter spaced throughout the area. A leaf adorned green rug on a cream colored background is the centerpiece of the room, starting off the nature theme. Photo courtesy Janet Simon.

Nature is first brought in the space by use of the green rug with a beautiful motif of etched leaves cast upon it. The leaves and nature theme is continued in the dining chairs, and again with the drapes. Rounding off the a nature themed look is a simple bowl of lemons with tantalizingly green leaves thrown in. Pale apricot walls add warmth and provide contrast to the cool greens. White ceiling and white chairs add crispness.

Green Rugs Can Bring an Edgy, Unique Look to Your Favorite Space

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A mid century modern green rug adds soft texture and pattern to Nina Yashar’s contemporary dinning room in Milan. Image courtesy Casa Vogue.

Nina Yashar uses a variety of design styles blended together to create an edgy, very modern look to her dining room. A centerpiece of the room is a geometric, teal green rug that sets off the vibe for the entire room. Photo courtesy Casa Vogue.

The patterned teal rug is nicely complemented by modern furniture and unique artwork and design elements, such as the gorgeous modern painting on the back wall. The bright splash of blue-greens contrasts nicely with the many dollops of bright red spliced throughout the space, and the bright pops of color make the room bright and cheerful. 

Green rugs change the look and feel of a room in monumental ways. Green in its many shades from blue-green to yellow-greens can do many things, depending on which hues and patterns are used and what design pieces it is paired with. Create an edgy, modern living space, bring the outdoors in or even make a room feel cool and tranquil while still feeling invigorating and restful at the same time. The four rooms in this post suggest that the possibilities for creating refreshing and stylish interiors are greatly increased when you begin your room design with a high quality green rug. 

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