Green Rugs Add Glamour to Dining Rooms: 5 Chic Styles

They say ignorance is bliss, but interior designer Charlotte Moss says ignorance does not work when you are starting an interior design project. Her advice is to “Do your homework. Inform yourself on a daily basis. Study magazines. Go to museums. Attend lectures. Ignorance isn’t bliss.” If you follow Moss’s excellent advice, you will find that green rugs can work beautifully to enhance your dining room, no matter which decorating style you are working in.

Some designers have a style or look that they prefer while others create a wonderful energy by mixing objects from different periods and in different styles. Client’s preferences also span a wide spectrum. I have selected five beautiful rooms in different styles and each has been enhanced by a green rug…

1. Add Glamor to French Dining Rooms with Green Savonnerie Rugs

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Green rugs in classical designs such as this Savonnerie rug are perfect for a dining room with grand ornamentation as the dining room of Felbrigg Hall, a National Trust site in Norfolk, England. Image courtesy The National Trust

Savonnerie rugs with green accents are right at home in gilded and ornamented French style interiors. This room has a “Collected, not Decorated” look. The blue-gray walls do not coordinate with the greens and gold in the Savonnerie rug. Felbrigg Hall has been left in its natural state as a National Trust site, working as a museum, so the décor of the home is true to the period, as are the home’s architecture, gardens and the like.

2. Design an Invigorating Breakfast Room with Green Rug

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Green rugs with leafy motifs and white crispness bring in the refreshing energy of nature into a dining room as in this vibrant breakfast room by designer Janet Simon.

Nature inspired green rugs are a natural for a breakfast room as they provide a wonderful energy for the start of the day.  Vibrant green when paired with white creates a crisp contrast that feels refreshing and looks smart.

3. Add Elegance to Federal Style Dining Room with Green Rug

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Green rugs with muted olive greens and pomegranate reds, such as this Directoire Savonnerie rug inspired by a neoclassical Adams ceiling design are perfect for Federal style dining rooms as in this stunning design by Bunny Williams. Image courtersy House & Garden.

Traditional dining rooms can truly benefit from green rugs with subdued shades of olive and pine. The green in the rug echoes the green from the traditional fox hunt mural on the wall while the muted reds reflect those in the dining chair seats.


4. Design a Classic Dining Room with a Green Damask Rug

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Green rugs in damask patterns are perfect for traditional dining rooms of any style. Damask patterned rugs are extremely flexible and work with many design styles as in this classic dining room by AD100 interior designer Alexa Hampton. 

5. Bring Color and Fun to Contemporary Dining Rooms

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This eclectic, contemporary dining room with a multitude of colors—and green—in the rug is vibrant and bursting with energy. Green rugs can be used with most colors for a flattering combination.

Green rugs also work well with the variety of colors that can be found in contemporary dining rooms. The multicolored rug features green and most other colors, like a garden filled with flowers of many hues, tints and shades. The neutrals of the walls, floors and table allow the punches of color in the rug and chairs to create an artful, energetic vibe.

Green rugs come in many different styles. So find a green rug that speaks to you and let it guide you in developing an individual style that pleases you. Since green is nature’s universal colors, it works with every color in the rainbow- just as all the colors in a garden go with the many shades of greens that surround them.

For French styling, try pale greens for a historical rendering and vibrant greens for a newer look. Muted greens like olive, Bay and pine work well in traditional styles while any kind of green can be used for the youthful look of contemporary designs. Green would also complement Asian, country and tropical styles, just to name a few. Pick up a magazine, go to a museum…and see!



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