Green Rugs Awaken Creativity in 4 Interiors

Never underestimate the power of color. Not only are vibrant colors pleasing to the eye, certain colors actually have other interesting benefits. Although green is traditionally considered to be one of the most restful colors for the eye, green is also known to enhance creativity. A study by the University of Munich showed that the color green boosted the creativity of participants. Scientists believe that the human brain associates green with growth and development. Using green rugs as a design element can be a great way to awaken creativity and bring vibrancy to a home. 

Patterns Unite with Green Rugs

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A vibrant library in the seaside home of Eliza Gatfield. Gatfield unites a variety of patterns with an green rug she designed herself. Photo courtesy Traditional Home Magazine.

Eliza Gatfield’s passion for textiles is apparent in her Oyster Bay home. This library showcases several of Gatfield’s own textile designs. The fabric on the charming green pillows on the sofa and on the ottoman were designed by Gatfield. The built-in bookshelves also include a touch of green which resonates with the green in the flocked chair fabric. The green and white Ikat style rug was designed by Gatfield is the star of the show. The green rug is able to unite the many different patterns and shapes in the room. The result is pure effervescence. 

Green Rugs Get Squared Away

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Jonathan Adler’s inspiring living room in Palm Beach, Florida. Adler’s signature mid-century modern style is featured in the square motif. Photo courtesy William Waldron and Elle Decor.

This retro-glam living room would inspire creativity in anyone. Adler designed the green geometric rug himself. The green rug introduces the theme of squares which is repeated throughout the space. Squares also make an appearance on the orange-red, white, and blue throw pillow and the funky patchwork ottoman. Adler then balances the square shapes with rounded forms in the chairs, picture frames and vases. The red pillow and red box on the coffee table creates pop against the green rug.

The mix of colors and shapes in this room are fun and exuberant. You can pull off this same look by starting with a green rug and introduce an interesting mix of shapes, materials and textures. Add energy by choose accessories in a warm color such as red, orange or yellow to create pop against the green rug.

Make a Unique Statement with Bold Green Rugs

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A unique yet contemporary office in Muriel Brandolini’s New York home. Brandolini sprinkles this room with curious treasures.Photo courtesy Pieter Estersohn and Architectural Digest.

This carefully curated library is filled with incredible statement pieces. Each item seems to have its own history and story to tell. The crystal and jade ship chandelier by Clair Cormier-Fauvel is one piece that begs to be noticed. Though one of many interesting pieces in the room, it sets the tone for exploration and worldly glamor. The green labyrinth rug is another special piece that continues the them of journey and exploration. Accomplish this look by choosing accessories that reference an interesting conceptual idea.

Green Rugs Enhance Style and Comfort

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A gray and green rug enhances style and comfort in the living room of Amanda Nisbet’s New York home. Vibrant green walls give the room a lovely and livable ambiance. Photo courtesy House Beautiful.

Shades of bright chartreuse grace the walls, ikat pillows, and the fabulous gray and green rug. The gray, green, and white in the rug help to tie the color scheme of the room. Two round gold end tables are grouped together to form a welcome departure from a single coffee table. The ethereal black and white photo gives the space a hint of whimsy. Nisbet pulls off an inviting and comfortable look that is stylish and polished.

The four designers in today’s rooms have demonstrated that green rugs can inspire creativity in a variety of ways. Geometric, Ikat, floral, or damask patterned green rugs are all excellent choice for stirring the senses and awakening creativity.

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