Green Rugs Bring Chic Energy to 4 Interiors

If you choose the right rug for a room, it will make the room look stylish and more comfortable. Interior designers often use green rugs to bring out the beauty of furniture and art in a room. Green rugs also bring the invigorating and calming energy of nature into a room. Green rugs come in many different shades and it is important to choose the right shade of green in a pattern that unifies the many different objects in a room. Green is nature’s most widely used color for a very good reason- it makes every other color in nature look more beautiful. If you look closely at the flowers in a garden you will notice that every flower has green leaves in a particular shade that brings out the beauty of that flower the best. Learn from nature and chose a green rug that will make your room design more beautiful. Many interior designers find it best to start with the rug. First pick a green rug that speaks to you and then take a sample of the rug with you when you you go shopping for fabrics and accessories. Let the rug guide you in choosing the best fabrics and the right wall colors and accessories. The four chic rooms in today’s post will spark ideas for decorating with green rugs. Study them closely and see how leading decorators use different types of green rugs to create fabulous interiors.

Add Pizazz to Dining Room with Mid Century Modern Green Rug

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A mid century modern green rug adds style to Nina Yashar’s dinning room in Milan. Image courtesy Casa Vogue.

The classic warmth of a family space like the dinner table is highlighted perfectly with a green rug which contains blue-green and blue. In an overall minimalist space highlighted with pink and red modern art and a modern dining table, the rug helps to move the eye around the room. The sea-green and blue tones in the rug works well against the dark brown woods of the floor and dining table. The green rugs also makes the red of the art and the chairs pop.

Without the green rug, the space would be unbalanced toward the art and the surrounding area could easily come off as too plain. With the rug’s simple pattern and lush texture, the sharp and smooth surfaces of the area are softened. The rug serves as a powerful balancing force.

Add Warmth to Mid-Century Modern Living Room with Green Rug

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A green rug with many shades of green compliments mid-century modern furniture and connects with the flowering vines visible from the window of Nina Yashar’s living room in Milan. Image courtesy Casa Vogue.

Green rugs can also be used in spaces that already have abundant patterns. For instance, the plant life outside the window takes on a pattern-like appearance that works well with the houseplant and pattern on the wall treatment. Since this entire space is characterized by soft and rounded shapes, green rugs in this space don’t have to match to work well. In this instance, a geometric pattern sharpens the design and adds a note of structure to an otherwise ephemeral aesthetic.

The depicted rug has a relatively low pile, which helps its texture blend in with the fabric of the couches. At the same time, the green in the rug connects the indoor space to the outdoor aesthetic of the plants.

Bring Calm Energy to Dining Room with Green Rug

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Vicente Wolf chose a green rug with a large scale Greek key pattern to bring a calming energy and pull together the many different elements in this New York dining room. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

With green drapes all round and several houseplants, this dining room is already dominated by greens of many shades. In such a room the large scale geometric pattern of the green rug provides the structure that holds the rectangular dining table and chairs with many different rounded and squared shapes. The rug also visually pulls together the artwork with its linear and angular elements. Without the rug the room would look disjointed and even chaotic.

In this instance, the rug does more than bring together linear elements, it also makes the room feel warm and inviting. The shade of green brings out the beauty of the dark woods of the dining table and chairs. The choice of a light color for the floor was wise as it makes the room look well lit. A dark wood floor with all the green drapes would have made this room look too somber.

Create Chic Living Room with Geometric Green Rug

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A green rug with a medium scale geometric pattern creates a chic living room and unifies several fabrics in green and cream. Image courtesy the Kellogg Collection.

green rugs, green rugs for sale, green rug, green geometric rugs

Another view of the living room shows how the geometric pattern of the green rug pulls together the animal print fabric on the ottoman and the pin dot fabric on the upholstered chair. Image courtesy the Kellogg Collection.

The geometric pattern of the green rug has a calming effect on the room. The rug unifies the different shapes of the upholstered chair, ottoman, glass table, lamp and the bench by the window. This living room contains objects with many different shapes, colors and patterns, yet it looks very calm because the rug connects them into a harmonious design. The large scale geometric pattern of the rug serves to visually link the flat color of the wall to the more active visual textures of the furniture, keeping the space vibrant and also tranquil.

Green rugs bring natures calming and invigorating energy that can unite many disparate elements into a harmonious design. With many possibilities offered by green rugs in different shades of green and in different patterns and textures, these rugs are an excellent choice for creating chic and inviting interiors.

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