Green Rugs Bring Chic Style and Soothing Calm to 3 Interiors

Green is a color that is often associated with rebirth, nature, and growth.  In some cultures, green is also used in the home to signify wealth and prosperity.  Using green rugs in an interior is an excellent way to build a room around these themes and infuse the regenerative, calming qualities of nature.

Create a Nature Inspired Look with Green Rug

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Light green tones brings nature into this living room designed by Lauren Leiss. Image courtesy Lauren Leiss Interiors.

This light and airy interior by Lauren Leiss is anchored by a light green rug with a golden-green pattern woven.  The rest of the room builds on this combination.  The sofa is in a pea green and is decorated with a white throw that pops.  A light fixture made of branches and a bird cage lamp base enforce the outdoors theme. A fern on the coffee table and two wooden birds complete the room.

Create Interest with Multiple Shades of Green

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David Hicks made geometric rugs and fabrics popular in 1970’s London. This bedroom shows his mastery at mixing patterns and colors with a green rug in geometric pattern. Image courtesy

This bedroom designed by David Hicks uses several shades of green for an eclectic look.  The light green rug has a geometric lattice pattern on a white background.  The canopy bed has mint green and yellow fabric that brings out the garden element.  Bright teal fabric decorates the vanity and a deep, forest green bench at the end of the bed adds depth. Canary yellow chairs flank the vanity and bring out the yellow in the canopy bed, adding brightness to the room.

Add Energy with Red Accents and Green Rug

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Interior designer Richard Keith Langham designed this bluish-green rug with a large scale geometric pattern. The bluish-green color of the rug resonates with both the sea-blue chair and the yellow green chair. Image courtesy Richard Keith Langham.

This geometric rug has a white background with a bluish-green pattern that creates structure for the living room.  The side chairs are in two shades of green, a  bluish-green shade and a lime green shade, that add interesting contrast.  The center sofa has red pillows which pop against the green rug and add energy to the room.  Artwork on the wall uses tones of brick red to coordinate with the red accents in the pillows and table cloth. 

Showcase Art with Green Rug

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Bunny Williams chose the Directoire Savonnerie Oriental rug to anchor this Federal style dining room. The cool reds in the rug are picked up by the red leather chair seats and the red riding jacket in the wall mural. Image courtesy House & Garden Magazine.

This Federal style dining room by Bunny Williams has a rich olive green rug with red accents that adds a stately presence.  The reds of the rug are brought out in the leather cushions of the dining room chairs, the floral arrangement on the table, and the red accents in the large mural on the wall.  The artwork is of a fox hunting scene that enhances the Federal style of the room. The green grasses of the mural resonate with the rich greens in the rug.  Brass nail heads on the chairs mirror the pattern of the rug.

Green rugs can come in a variety of shades and styles that can add different personalities to an interior – light, springlike shades will add brightness, dark olives and forest greens will add depth.  Green is an incredibly versatile color that works well with teals, reds, and yellows – nd green rugs are a great way to have spring and summer stay in your home year round. 

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