Green Rugs Bring in Nature’s Fresh Energy: 5 Chic Interiors

Eventually the gorgeous autumn colors we see around us these days will yield to brown branches, mud and occasionally, snow. But if you use a green rug to anchor your next interior design project, you could effectively have the fresh, new life of spring around you whatever the weather. Today we’re going to look at five situations where designers have used green rugs to enliven rooms.

Design a Funky Living Room with Green Rug

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This stylish living room belongs to style icons Jonathan Alder and Simon Doonan. Paying homage to the chic 1970s, the room includes both vintage pieces and a few new things designed by Alder himself – including the geometric green rug. The green rug’s square-within-a-square design is echoed in the vibrant sofa cushion, and – like display cases in a museum – subtly encourages us to view the room as a collection of individual pieces that come together to make a whole. Photo by William Waldron for Elle Décor.

Design Elegant Dining Room with Green Rug

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There’s a lot going on in this contemporary New York dining room by Vincente Wolf. The large-scale paintings by Dexter Dalwood and David Schnell create oppositional interest, which could tug at the attention of visitors in the space, but Wolf’s thoughtful design also includes an envelope of Rogers & Goffigon silk curtains and a green rug with geometric detail that subtly pulls us into the table. Photo by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest.

Create Modernist Living Room with Green Rug

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Here, in the modernist living room of a 1930s Monterey Colonial home, interior icon Geoffrey de Sousa worked to breathe new life into a fading gem. In the living room, he chose period pieces that paid homage to the home’s rich history, and incorporated a contemporary ivory and green rug with soft geometric detail that enhances the room’s feeling of warm welcome. Image courtesy of Geoffrey de Sousa Interior Design.

Add Bright Energy to Living Room with Green Rug

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The traditional living room seen here would be utterly ordinary if it wasn’t for the added energy provided that emanates from the geometric green rug. Added energy shines through thanks to accent pieces that were carefully chosen to echo the vibrant hues of the rug – the discreet pop of magenta you will notice in the delightful sheers is but one of the wonderful details that will keep this room feeling youthful and dynamic for years to come. Photo by Eric Piasecki for Redbook.

Design Clean Traditional Living Room with Green Rug

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This soothing green Hamptons bedroom features a gorgeous geometric green rug. The clean lines and classical shapes designer Meg Braff incorporates here combine to create a calming, serene space free from clutter where the resident’s mind can simply drift away to slumber. The subtle texture of the Phillip Jeffries grass cloth wallpaper augments the assortment of patterns and textures in the upholstery, cushions and textiles to add a wonderfully personal touch to the space – marking it uniquely as the owner’s retreat. Photo courtesy of Meg Braff Designs.

Green is an amazing color for a home interior, no matter what your style may be. I hope today’s explorations into fresh, fun interiors have inspired you to consider new ways you can incorporate green rugs into your next design project to create a vivacious, welcoming interior.

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