Green Rugs Enhance 4 Traditional and Modern Interiors

Frank Lloyd Wright said that, “Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation.” This is certainly true of green rugs. Today we will study four chic rooms with green rugs and learn how designers use several shades of green and a mixture of contrasting shapes and textures to design beautiful and inviting rooms. You will learn design principles that apply to both tradtional and contemporary rooms with green rugs and this can help you design a room with a green rug in your own style.

Design an Artistic Bedroom with a Geometric Green Rug

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A geometric bluish-green rug provides a sense of structure and a gives a modern look to a bedroom seating area filled with antiques.

This beautiful and calming room has been artistically decorated with many shades of green and yellow. The rug, bed and walls are in different shades of blue-green. The wall above the French window is painted yellowish-green which creates a transition to the ceiling yellow color. Sunlight filters in through blue-green and yellow striped translucent drapes. The arched window contrasts with squared pattern in the rug and the dark brown wood of the antique chairs and chest add warmth and also provide contrast. The geometric pattern of the rug brings out the beauty of the curving shapes in the chairs, coffee table, glass lamp and crystal chandelier.

Design a Calm, Classical Bedroom with Geometric Green Rug

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The mint green rug’s geometric pattern creates a contrasts with the botanical print on the upholstered chairs and the rugs blue-green color contrasts with the yellow green of the fabric. These contrasts bring out the beauty of all the objects in this room. Image courtesy Meg Braff.

The beauty of this bedroom comes from the interplay between contrasting patterns, shapes and colors. This bedroom, like the first bedroom, has several shades of green that range from the blue-green of the rug to the yellow greens in the chair fabric and walls. However the range of green is narrower than in the first bedroom. In the first bedroom the blue-greens were much bluer and the yellow-greens were much yellower and the yellow-green eventually transitioned to the yellow of the ceiling. In this room designer Meg Braff uses white to create crisp contrast with the green and she uses dark wood tones and brass to add warmth. Braff then creates more interest by using contrasting shapes- the round shapes of the mirror, lamp shades and porcelain barrel contrast with squared shape of the fireplace and the geometric pattern of the green rug.

Enhance Traditional Room with Geometric Green Rug

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A geometric green rug brings out the beauty of the rounded shapes of the sofa and chair and adds color, pattern and structure to this traditional living room.

The classical architecture of this room is softened by a plush sofa upholstered in a pale green fabric. The geometric rug contains mint green, blue-green and white. These colors are carried through to the rest of the room. The stool has medium green seat, the walls and the sofa are in very pale green. The pillows have more shades of green. As in the second room, white is used for contrast and dark wood tones and brass provide warm colors. The Art Nouveau fireplace stands out against the classical architecture of the room. The coffee table, the base of the stool, table lampl and the gilded mirror and picture frames bring traditional ornamentation.

Design a Contemporary Room with Green Rug

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A contemporary green rug anchors modern furniture and art in a living room designed by Geoffrey de Sousa. Image courtesy Geoffrey de Sousa.

If you look closely at this contemporary living room by Geoffrey de Sousa, you will recognize that many of the same design principles are used here as we saw in the first three rooms. It is encouraging to realize that once you understand the design principles you can apply them to traditional as well as contemporary rooms. Just as in the first three traditional rooms, designer de Sousa has used several shades of green starting with the blue-green of the rug to the yellow green of the walls. The green of the sofa and chair falls in the mid-range between the blue green of the rug and yellow green of the walls. White is again used for contrast and this time the white even shows up in the border of the green rug. Brown wood tones are again used to add warmth. de Sousa has also used contrasting shapes to engage our interest- the squared outline of the sofa and purplish-brown chairs contrasts with the rounded coffee table, green chair and lamp shades. The classical fireplace brings a contrasting decorative style.

The four interiors with green rugs show how to use green rugs to enhance both traditional and contemporary interiors. We saw that the same common decorating principles can be used to design both traditional and contemporary rooms. You can use this understanding to design a room in your own style. A great place to start is with a green rug that you fall in love with and then use it to develop your color palette and design for the rest of the room.

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