Green Rugs Enhance 5 Interiors by Top Designers

Green rugs bring a sense of calm to a room and also provide a background against which all the objects in a room look more beautiful just as green leaves make flowers look more vibrant. Designers  also use green rugs in combination with green walls to make rooms appear larger. Green rugs are particularly desirable in high rise city apartments because they have a calming influence which reduces stress. The five interiors in today’s post show how interior designers use green rugs to create beautiful rooms that invite you to relax and breathe calmly.

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Designer Muriel Brandolini chose a green rug as the anchor for a chic media and guest room in her New York townhouse. Image courtesy Architectural Digest. Photo: Pieter Estersohn

Designer Muriel Brandolini’s media room has a fashionable energy. The energy comes from the contrast between the green rug and the Milo Baughman armchairs and the pops of color from the DVD’s. There is also a wonderful interplay between the rounded shapes of the armchairs and the square shape of the glass table and the rectangular DVD shelves. The green rug itself combines circular and square motifs. A visitor would feel cocooned by the DVD’s lining the walls promising countless hours of entertainment. The fresh green color of the rug creates a peaceful feeling which is even more valuable in a city high rise. The Arne Jacobsen floor lamp bring the eyes up and along with the white vase add interest.

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A green rug and green walls make this narrow library feel more spacious and welcoming in the New York townhouse of Muriel Brandolini. Image courtesy Arcitectural Digest. Photo: Pieter Estersohn.

This long and narrow room is made to feel more spacious by the green rug with a pattern of concentric circles and green walls. The pattern of circles in the rug give the room a softer more comfortable feeling. The round motif in the rug is repeated in the round tables, the round chair back and the undulating curves of the vintage Pierre Paulin sofa. The crystal-and-jade ship light fixture by Claire Cormier-Fauvel subtly evoke the widening of horizons created through travel and in this case from reading a good book. The room mixes mid century modern and traditional pieces in a very comfortable way.


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An oriental rug with green willow trees on a purple background pulls together art deco club chairs and cubist art in the Manhattan apartment of Loida Nicolas Lewis designed by husband and wife team of Kristin Hein and Philip Cozzi. Image courtesy Architectural Digest. Photo: Durston Saylor.

The green colors in the rug inspired the green color scheme of the walls, drapes and the Bernd Goeckler club chairs. A purple sofa picks up the purple background color of the rug. The paintings from left to right are by Juan Gris, Georges Braque, and Jean Metzinger. A glass coffee table with curved brass legs adds texture and shape. A white neoclassical fireplace surround, white ceiling and white dining chairs provide contrast. The black fireplace connects with the black frame of the Juan Gris painting.

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Another view of the living room shows the lavender sofa and Albert Gleizes’ The City above it. Gold frame and coral accents in the painting and coral tulips add much needed touches of warm colors to a room that has wide expanses of cool colors. Image courtesy Architectural Digest. Photo: Durston Saylor.

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A green, cream and gold Empire Savonnerie carpet anchors glorious French Empire period furniture and crystal chandelier in Le Petit Appartement de l’Empereur in the Château de Versailles.

Classical Savonnerie carpets often contain a good balance of cool and warm colors which makes the job of the interior designer a lot easier. In this room the cool greens in the Neoclassical Savonnerie carpet are balanced by yellow, gold and reddish brown accent colors. The rug’s balanced color palette is carried through in the rest of the room where the cool green of the tall drapes is balanced by gold molding on the walls, gold picture frame, gold chandelier and gold hardware on the furniture. The wood tones add more warmth and white walls, white panels and white candles provide crisp contrast.  

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A green rug with a tone on tone damask pattern sits on a contrasting black lacquered floor and anchors vibrant yellows in the living room of a Los Angeles penthouse designed by Hendrix Allardyce. Fernand Léger’s Composition aux Deux Fleurs hangs above the fireplace. Image courtesy Architectural Digest. Photo: Mary E. Nichols.

The green rug and green walls and green drapes expand the sense of space in this penthouse living room. The green envelope of the room allows the objects in the room to shine like jewels. The eye is drawn to the cream and yellow fireplace surround and then moves to the yellow armchair and it’s reflection in the black lacquered floor. The brown and white art deco sofa fabric connects with the leopard fabric on the brass stool. An art deco mirror and the mirror topped coffee table expand the sense of space. The cooling affect of greens is balanced by the warm yellows and the warm wood tones

These five interiors show that green rugs are frequently used with green walls to make a room look larger and to create a calm and soothing atmosphere. Green rugs and green walls also provide a flattering background against which all the furniture and the art in the room looks more beautiful. When using green rugs and green walls, it is important to add warm colors to balance the cooling affect of green.

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