Grey and Blue Oushak Rugs Enrich 5 Modern Interiors

Grey and Blue Oushak rugs with soft tonal colorations look contemporary and traditional at the same time. This is because their tonal colorations look contemporary yet their patterns go back hudreds of years. Interior designers have been using Oushak rugs in contemporary rooms because they bring warmth, beauty and a soft texture. Other designers use Oushak rugs with classical furniture and antiques because the soft tonal colorations of these rugs give traditional rooms a contemporary vibe. Today we will study 5 interiors and learn how interior designers create stunning room with the blue and gray Oushak rugs.

Add Warmth, Pattern, Color, Soft Texture to Neutral Room with Oushak Rug

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A neutral room need not feel cold, as this example from designer Linda McDougald’s South Carolina home shows. McDougald made the room feel warmer and more luxurious with a blue and grey Oushak rug. The rug draws the eye toward the fireplace, creating a cozy seating area surrounded by dark wood floors. The modern feel of the room derives from its high-contrast black, pale grey and white palette and the tonal colors of the Oushak rug reinforce the contemporary look of the room while at the same time adding a subtle pattern and a luxurious soft texture which makes the room feel welcoming. Image courtesy of Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home.

Add Warmth and Soft Texture to a Clean, Airy Space

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Oushak rugs with tonal shades of grey, blue and cream are an excellent way to add warmth and a soft texture to light, airy spaces. Here, designer Gail Plechaty uses an Oushak rug in soft neutral colors to anchor the pale grey-blue and cream upholstered chairs and sofa in a light filled and airy living room. The natural light provided by the ceiling-height windows is unencumbered by the ivory draperies and clean white walls, allowing the Oushak rug to ground the room with a subtle pattern and a soft texture that makes the room feel inviting and warm. The brown and gold frames of the mirror, chairs and table add warm colors and the pale grey floor keeps the room looking clean and light filled.  Photo by Werner Straube for Traditional Home Magazine.

Enrich Neutral Room with Subtle Pattern and Luxurious Texture of Oushak Rug

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An Oushak rug in tonal shades of grey, beige and cream anchors the dining area and living areas in the large salon of designer Amy Howard’s Memphis home. When choosing a rug for a room with a neutral palette of cream, white and dark wood tones it is important to consider the subtlety of things – a strong pattern can overwhelm the room and at the same time too little pattern and color can make the room feel cold and Spartan. Here, Howard strikes a fine balance by choosing an Oushak rug with intricate detail in soft shades of grey, beige and cream that works in harmony with the wall color and fabrics in the room to provide. The rug adds a look of quiet sophistication, a luxurious and soft texture which makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

Add Interest to Dark Neutral Space with Oushak Rug

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Neutral isn’t all about cream and beige – for some of us a nice slate room is much more appealing while retaining a modern neutral aesthetic. Here, in the lounge area of an Alabama lake house designed by McAlpine Tankersley, an Oushak rug with a tonal pattern in cream, greenish gold and grey  resonates with the subtle grain of locally quarried stone and the unfinished wood wall panels. The intricate, yet subtle pattern in greenish-gold, grey and cream woven throughout the Oushak rug adds interest to the space and the soft texture of the rug makes the room feel more welcoming. The dark greenish-grey silk sofa adds depth. Photo by Jean Allsopp for Décor Magazine.

Oushak rugs for a touch of opulence

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When Vogue Magazine did the set design for Mario Testino’s photo shoot for their feauture on Baz Luhrman’s movie version of The Great Gatsby, Oushak rugs were an obvious go-to item for the interiors. Here we see the divine Carey Mulligan in a cascading chiffon, feather and tulle Chanel Haute Couture dress, bathed in a flood of natural light from the arched ceiling-high windows. The elaborate detail of an Oushak rug in subtle tones of blue seems to flow naturally from Mulligan’s chiffon and feather dress bring out the beauty of this moment.  Photo by Mario Testino for Vogue.

As we’ve seen today, the refined patterns and soft tonal colors of Oushak rugs can impart subtle texture, warmth, beauty and an atmosphere of sophistication to your room design. Choose from an Oushak rug that appeals to you and then let its soft colors guide your room design.

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