High Fashion Decorating: Mid Century Modern & Needlepoint Rugs

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How to design an original modern living room: Mix mid century modern furniture with a black floral needlepoint rug and colorful fabrics. Sources at the end of the post.

If you like fashion and enjoy interiors that have a distinctive personality then a great way to achieve this is to mix different styles and design periods in a creative way. One decorating style becoming increasingly popular today is the retro look of the 1940s, also called mid century modern.  Often very simple designs, mid century modern furniture was made with the mass production methods of the time and, as such they are attracting the attention of interior designers looking for furniture that looks good, functions well, but without much fuss, i.e. without yards of fabric or elaborate wood carving. In honor of this current trend I’ve designed a living room with furniture and decorative accessories from the 1940s as well pieces inspired by that period. We get pleasure from seeing the unexpected, so I selected a black floral needlepoint rug from Asmara instead of selecting a mid century modern rug. Floral prints are the number one fashion trends on runways in New York, Paris and Milan, so mixing retro furnishings with a beautiful floral needlepoint rug gives this room a fresh, exciting and fashion forward feeling. Covering the upholstered furniture in bright fabrics inspired by the blue, green, rose and purple in the needlepoint rug creates a sophisticated and youthful energy.  This living room is a fun mix of the past and the present and proves that the best modern interiors come from creatively mixing different styles and periods.

Sources: Needlepoint Rug; Sofa; Chair; DeskSide table; Coffee table ; Chairs; Lamps


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