How Aubusson Rugs and Gold Accents Add Glamour: 5 Great Interiors

Aubusson rugs are a show-stopper when it comes to creating an exquisite sense of presence. So what happens if you take the luxurious air of gold accents and add it to the mix? Today we’re going to look at five great interiors where designers have paired the luxury of Aubusson rugs with rich gold accents to create refined interiors that are regal without being over-the-top, refined without being pretentious.

Aubusson Rug Enriches English Stately Home

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Our first stop on this journey is the drawing room of Felbrigg Hall an English stately home in Norwich that is now part of England’s National Trust. The Rococo styling is reflective of remodeling work done in the early 1750s. The interior of the home itself is said to accurately reflect the personality of William “Boxing” Windham II, known for his lively, unrestrained approach to living. The gilded mirrors, frames, candle stands and other accents together with the collection of period furnishings, rest atop a luxurious brown, ruby and sapphire Aubusson rug. Photo by Savitri Wilder.

Aubusson Rugs, Modern Art and Art Deco Create a Fashionable Room

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When working with Kate and Andy Spade on their pre-war Park Avenue apartment, designer Steven Sclaroff used delicious Aubusson rugs in a few different settings. The living room above combines a fusion of art deco furnishings, modern art, and quirky colors within the frame of a gold-toned Aubusson rug. The Spades are undisputed style icons, the collected possessions on display give a wonderful glimpse of the perfection that comes from the decorating axiom: a room should feel collected, not decorated. Image courtesy of New York Magazine.

Design a Sumptuous Room with Aubusson Rug

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Peek between the white-shelled alcoves and you’ll spy a gilded convex mirror adorning the period wood paneling on the walls of this library. Though many of the room’s details are hiding behind the lacquered double doors, the rich red and gold Aubusson rug takes pride of place on the dark stained floor. This glance into a warm, inviting retreat from the stark black-and-white corridor is a bit like catching sight of a rare bird in the corner of your eye – but unlike birds flitting away in the woods, the beauty created in Tory Burch’s Southampton home is definitely going to stick around. Photo by François Halard for Vogue.

Colorful Aubusson Rug Warms Light Filled Modern Space

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Michael S Smith is renowned for his ability to create bright, airy spaces in even the most difficult interiors. In the newly renovated New York City duplex Smith shares with James Costas’s, large windows, white ceiling and pale gray walls fill the room with light. The golden accents of the Japanese  table, mantle clock, and other objects contrast with the pinks, reds, blues, and greens of the Aubusson rug creating a tension that makes this memorable enough to make the cover of Architectural Digest. Photo by Björn Wallander for Architectural Digest.

Aubusson Rug Hightens Splendor of Gold Accented Room

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Designer Craig Wright brought back the opulence of the gilded age to the former home of Burton E Green one of the founders of Beverly Hills. The current owners Geoff and Anne Palmer asked Wright to do a thorough makeover. Gilded mirrors that once belonged to Lord Nelson and a stunning gold Aubusson rug with rich red accents set the stage for a living room straight from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Photo by David O. Marlow for Architectural Digest.

The sumptuous textures and detailed craftsmanship of Aubusson rugs make them a sublime compliment to any style. Choosing Aubusson rugs to pair with gold accents makes a statement that is unmistakably grand.

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