How Aubusson Rugs Enrich the Homes of Top Designers

It’s always interesting to see how our favorite designers use Aubusson rugs in their own homes. Designers know that Aubusson rugs can be used to enrich interiors of many different decorating styles. They know that you can use antique Aubusson rugs in modern settings and more modern Aubusson rugs in vintage settings.

Aubusson Rugs in an Early Renaissance Style Loft

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This three-story living room with its vintage detailing seems made for Aubusson rugs like the one John Saladino chose for his fabulous former NYC loft apartment. Image courtesy John Saladino.

John Saladino is one of America’s most celebrated architects and interior designers. His talent for making modern creations that pay homage to historical designs and styles is what catapulted him to fame. Trained at the Yale School of Art and Architecture, Saladino started his own design firm in the early 70s. It ultimately became a practice dedicated to both interior design and architecture, responsible for creating some of the most beautiful interiors around. In the mid-80s, he created his own furniture design company. With the company, he was able to express his love for modern and historical pieces to the fullest, a passion that is evident throughout all of his design.

Saladino lived in this fabulous NYC loft during the 80s, and it was during this time that his design style changed from primarily elegant and modern towards a mix of traditional and modern. In the apartment, part of a Gothic building built in 1927, Saladino had many of the inferior elements ripped out but kept the apartment’s classic bones. The fabulous fireplace is an exact replica of the mantle in Versailles’s Salon de Diane. This three-story living room with its vintage detailing seems made for Aubusson rugs like the one Saladino chose here. The rug’s brown, cream and pale rose colors go perfectly with the room’s antique-style features and walls. Saladino himself called the living room a “modern ruin.” He created the effect by blending together instant coffee and scratch-coat plaster. After applying it to the walls, he turned radiators on to their highest settings so that certain sections of the walls would dry faster than other parts. He ended up with walls that looked that they had been ripped from the early Renaissance era. Vintage or vintage-style Aubusson rugs with colors and motifs like this one fit perfectly in this type of environment. Along with tasks like applying silver leaves to the room’s original crown molding, using large-scale antique furnishings, and using a mix of upholstery materials that includes plain linens, velvet and silks, he ended up with a room that felt warm, cozy and inviting in spite of its size. Aubusson rugs, vintage-style detailing and modern touches are a great way to describe Saladino’s overall style.

Aubusson Rugs in a Modern Biarritz Residence

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

An Andre Arbus Aubusson rug enriches French antiques dealer Yves Gastou’s apartment in Biarritz. Image courtesy Yves Gastou.

Venerable antiques dealer Yves Gastou is well known for his affinity for mixing vintage furnishings with modern design without blinking an eye. He clearly follows Dorothy Draper’s motto: “Decorating is fun!” A neoclassical bust next to a Christian Liaigre sofa? Absolutely. His home in Biarritz was just another canvas for him to showcase his unique style. Antique Aubusson rugs have a place in his world as do more modern versions.

Modern-style Aubusson rugs like the one shown here in Gastou’s Biarritz living room add a unique flair to both vintage and contemporary design styles. It was designed by André Arbus, and it features a red, white, blue and gold pattern inspired by neoclassical architecture. The rug pulls together all elements of the room together. The dark Jansen coffee table rests on top of the rug and works with the Gio Ponti neoclassical commode to ground the space. Aubusson rugs can truly make the room.

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