How Bessarabian Rugs Give a Chic Personality to Interiors

You’ve been looking at selection of prestigious rugs for a while, searching for the piece that speaks to your heart. You want to frame the collection of accents and artifacts you’ve acquired with a rug that is more than a floor covering, but you’re not sure about those styles so commonly spotted in fashionable designer interiors from New York to Palm Beach. In that case, there’s something to be said for the beauty of Bessarabian rugs. As Steven Stark told Architectural Digest not too long ago, “You don’t see them all that often anymore.”

What Makes Bessarabian Rugs Different

Bessarabian rugs originated in the former Russian province of Bessarabia, as well as the Ukraine.  Generally Bessarabian rugs are flat-woven in the tapestry technique. Pile Bessarabian rugs are much rarer. These highly-decorative rugs often have dark brown black accents and vibrant motifs that are derived from 19th century English and French rugs but rendered in less formal manner. The stark contrast between the dark accents and striking floral motifs make Bessarabian rugs an excellent foundation from which you can grow a truly personalized interior.

Bessarabian Rugs in Beautiful Dining Rooms

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A great place to explore the beauty of Bessarabian rugs is in the dining spaces of stately homes. Here, you’ll see Lady Baillie’s stunning green dining room with bountiful seating and deliciously paneled walls. Louis XIV chairs in white leather are perched along one of the world’s most famous dinner tables, resting upon a large chocolate-framed Bessarabian rug featuring pink flowers on a cream background. This rug was so perfect for filling a stately space, legendary Parisian designer Stephane Boudin would eventually duplicate it for the White House’s East Room.

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Bessarabian rugs are often found in luxurious hotels, like this lovely, leafy example from a dining room at Hotel Le Bristol in Paris. The hotel welcomes guests with a bevy of 23 Baccarat crystal chandeliers in the lobby, a grand collection of artwork and Gobelin tapestries throughout its confines and, a massive garden at its heart.

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While living in a luxury hotel appeals to everyone, having that touch of refinement in your own home is why you’re reading about Bessarabian rugs today. Consider this example from the legendary Lee Radziwill’s Park Avenue apartment. The Bessarabian rug with a black background features red, gold, and cream floral detail that compliments the Regency table set.

Breathtaking Bedchambers Incorporating Bessarabian Rugs

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Legendary home of Count Dracula and historic royal residence of Romania, Bran Castle’s wooden fortifications date to 1212 when they were built by Teutonic knights. Today, visitors to the former king’s bedroom find this vibrant Bessarabian rug at the foot of a hand-carved Baroque Baldachin bed. The Bessarabian rug serves to unite pieces in Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic and Baroque styles incorporating a number of vibrant colors in an otherwise dark interior space.

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But maybe you don’t own a home quite as palatial as Bran Castle, and instead hope to impart that regal air to a more modest abode. Consider this delicious cream, yellow and gold master suite featured in Architectural Digest. Designed by The Wiseman Group, soft cream, yellow and soft apricot meld for a welcoming room, always ready to envelope its owners in comfort. The Bessarabian rug at the foot of the sumptuous bed is unique in its floral design, perfect for punching distinct personality into the space.

Bessarabian Rugs Bring out the Best

Much of decorating is about the details, but it’s also easy to become overwhelmed with which accents bring out what highlights from a particular piece. This is where Bessarabian rugs steal the show. They provide a personalized base for the room you are designing. Choose a Bessarabian rug that speaks to you and let it guide you in selecting fabric and wall colors and patterns. Experiment with different fabric and wall colors swatches until you find a pleasing combination.

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