How Fabulous Decorators Mix Patterns With Green Rugs

How do green rugs work in rooms filled with pattern? Beautifully, especially if those rooms with green rugs are designed by incredible decorators who also happen to be fabulous fabric and rug designers. Green rugs feature prominently in rooms designed by these designers, who, by the very nature of their trade, encourage an interplay of fabrics, colors and designs.

David Hicks Plus Green Rugs Equals Fabulous English Style

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 A green geometric rugs in Pamela Hicks’s bedroom at Britwell, the Hicks family home designed by David Hicks. Image courtesy David Hicks.

There aren’t enough adjectives in the world to accurately describe the brilliance of David Hicks, and there isn’t a measuring tool that can sufficiently measure the effect that his design philosophy has had on the design world. With a temperament that fluctuated as wildly as the hues in his color palette, Hicks stood at the apex of the design world and knocked established rules off their perches. His loathing of traditional English design probably had something to do with the way that bold colors and geometric shapes took hold of his design aesthetic. For Hicks, life really was all about using the whole box of crayons.

Many believe that the current day interior design trend that leans towards mixing and matching eras is something new and brilliant, but in fact, Hicks and his compatriots were spinning and mixing styles and aesthetics long before the current crop of designers was even born. In demand by everyone from celluloid royalty to actual royalty, Hicks mixed antiques with modern furniture, setting it all against a backdrop of modern art. If his design style was unrestrained, his textiles may have seemed positively feral to the grannies in Surrey. Geometric shapes set against Technicolor backdrops were the order of the day, and people couldn’t get enough of them. La Fiorentina is a prime example of one of his most famous designs. Featuring bold diamond shapes available in a variety of different colorways, the pattern could cover an entire sofa or a tiny pillow. That it’s hugely popular today is testamount to the classic and evergreen nature of Hicks’s designs. Other hip Hicks patterns include Hicks’s Hexagon and Chinese Fret Che fabric.

Green rugs were nothing new to Hicks; the richer and brighter the green rugs, the better. This well-documented picture features his wife Pamela’s bedroom in the family home at Britwell. The bed was reupholstered with green sheeting fabric designed by Hicks. The bottom and sides of the sheeting have been bordered with dark green fabric to match the darker tones in the green rug. When it comes to green rugs, this rug was unapologetically, proudly green.The turquoise dressing table and the yellow upholstered side chairs add a bit of gorgeous and whimsical contrast to all of the green.  

Green Rugs, Patterned Pillows and Cats, Oh My!

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Patterns prevail in this beautiful room anchored by a green rug in textile designer Eliza Gatfield’s home. Image courtesy Eliza Gatfield.

Hamptons-based designer Eliza Gatfield studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and Central Saint Martins in London. The result was a textile designer who will take as long as necessary in order to deliver the textiles and rugs her clients desire. She respects and reveres the art of rug making, demanding perfection of herself.

Here, family cat Elvis lounges appreciatively amid a field of patterns. The jumble of patterned pillows would go wonderfully with green rugs, including the ikat-style one shown here that was created by Gatfield. The interior of the bookcase is painted a green similar in tone to the hue found in the rug, linking everything together. 

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