How Ingrao Decorates with Oushak Rugs in Gold, Green and Red

Tony Ingrao’s first project two decades ago, was an amazing transformation of a 1920’s Norman château in Greenwich, Connecticut that took seven painstaking years to complete.

“Tony delivers flawless, singular creations that are clearly over the top, but never gauche.” confided a client to the prestigious Franklin Report “Only for families that live comfortably with museum quality art and antiques.”  said another. Ingrao traditional interiors have a baronial grandeur and feature 17th and 18th century French and English antiques. Ingrao is known to fly in floor finishers from France so he can achieve that ultimate patina and glow. “Tony makes your design fantasies into a reality–it may take a while, but it will be amazing.” another client told the Franklin Report.

In today’s post we will look closely at two rooms with gold Oushak rug designed by Tony Ingrao and describe in more detail how he creates his exquisite interiors.

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A Living Room by Tony Ingrao. The Oushak rug has gold field with an intricately detailed central medallion and border. Image courtesy Ingrao Inc.

The beauty of the Oushak rug is enhanced by the wood floor which has a similar gold color. The sofa and one chair are upholstered in a tonal damask fabric that also has a similar gold shade. Now look closely at the antique Chinese porcelain jar on the coffee table and the upholstery fabric of the chair on the left-both have an intricate pattern that echoes the intricacy of the medallion and border of the Oushak rug. By placing intricate patterns against plainer backgrounds, Ingrao brings not only brings out the beauty of each, but also creates a musical composition with high and low points.

The greeen panelled walls provide a cooling relief from the large expanses of gold. The red striped drapery fabric introduces a linear and vertical pattern and the red and white coloration creates movement and energy.  

The ceiling is the sixth surface in the room and Ingrao designed green beams to run across a white background. This gives the room an airy feeling of height, and it allows the beauty of the flower head chandelier to come out. To see how important the ceiling is, cover the ceiling with one hand and look at the rest of the room. Does the room suddenly feel a little overwhelming and closed in? 

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The Foyer. In contrast to the living room, the foyer is quite bare. An gold Oushak rug, a chandelier, an antique chair and gold draperies are the only furnishings. Why did Ingrao leave the foyer so open? Perhaps Ingrao gives us a clue in the image below. Image courtesy Ingrao Inc.

Tony Ingrao interior design

An Entrance and a Vista. Image courtesy Ingrao Inc.

Tony Ingrao is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Seeing the room pictured above, I am reminded of the museum at RISD. It is furnished with fine antique furniture and 18th century Spanish rugs. I hope to feature the rooms in a future blog post.

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