How the Shapes in Geometric Rugs Shape Our Emotions

geometric rugs, geometric rug, geometric rugs for sale, large size geometric rugs“I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk.” Dorothy Draper was talking about her approach to design, but she may as well have been referring to the effect that geometric rugs can have on a room. Geometric rugs are more than just floor coverings filled with designs featuring angles or curves. Have you ever noticed that you’re drawn to particular shapes? If someone placed a square table in front of you and a round one, you’d probably have pretty strong opinions about which one you’d want in your home. Not only are humans drawn to certain shapes, but they’re also drawn to symmetry and proportion. Shapes literally “shape” our emotions, drawing out of us a wide range of emotions ranging from ethereal calm to vivid, dynamic energy.,

Geometric rugs can be filled with an infinite number of lines, curves, circles, hexagons, stars and squares, and all of those lines, squiggles and curves can have a powerful impact on your psyche as well as a a powerful impact your the space.

Creating Order with Squares

geometric rugs, geometric rug, geometric rugs for sale, large size geometric rugs
This living room by Thad Hayes is the definition of serene order. The blue and white rug seems to call to mind a large chessboard. The deep tones of the dark wooden furniture and the creamy whites and ivories of the upholstery and cushions are chess pieces perfectly placed, forming a space that features the layout of a brilliantly executed game.

Orderly, straight squares in geometric rugs can help create a sense of order in a room. The square is a shape that turns chaos into order. Take an empty room and lay a geometric rug down. The rug may be a deep, calm blue on white that gives the room a breezy calm vibe, or it may be a warm and cozy pale gold rug with ecru lines that makes you think of warmth and coziness, but the square shapes will bring you right back to that inevitable sense of order.

Bringing Out Your Inner Wild Child with Boldly Patterned Geometric Rugs

geometric rugs, geometric rug, geometric rugs for sale, large size geometric rugs
Tassels, turquoise and scrolls, oh my! This room from eternally stylish French designer Madeleine Castaing celebrates what was her over-the-top style, with its striped wallpaper, velvet chaise and a blue and white geometric rug that, although vivid, appears almost neutral in this space.

Use geometric rugs with intricate patterns to help make a bold welcome into a room. Intricately designed rugs filled with shapes and angles announce to the world that the owner of the room has a fearless streak. Play with options like rugs with rows and rows of tiny diamonds, interlocking hexagons or even a few scattered but well-placed chevron symbols.  Use the rug as the primary source of energy in the room and  surround it with quiet, neutral pieces, or mix it all up with wild yet cultivated abandon like revered designers Kelly Wearstler and Martyn Lawrence Bullard, or like Madeleine Castaing, who came before either of them. Wearstler’s “Chromograph” rug, an intoxicating array of randomly placed black and white striped squares, would bring a playful energy to a smart and tailored space, letting people know that while the owners of the home mean business, they’ve also got a wickedly fun side.

Don’t be afraid to use geometric rugs to shape your space. Structured patterns can help maintain order, while more vividly and randomly placed shapes can bring in much-needed energy.

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