How to Add Chic Energy to Rooms with Damask Rugs in Modern Colors

Beautiful silk damask fabrics in the Victoria and Albert Museum show that this art developed in ancient Damascus and Byzantium. Modern damask rugs are inspired by ancient damask fabrics but they have fresh, contemporary colors. An artistically colored damask rug can be used to give modern rooms a feeling of sophistication and history. Modern damask rugs are also perfect for bringing youthful energy to traditional decorating. AD100 interior designer David Kleinberg could have been speaking about modern damask rugs when he said, “When you stay relentlessly in one period, the eye absorbs it all in a single glance. Going against period introduces energy.” Damask rugs bring a chic energy to a room because they combine ancient patterns with modern colorations.  Take a look at the stylish energy in the rooms pictured below and learn how damask rugs are the perfect jumping off point for creating chic and invigorating rooms.

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Create a modern room which expressed a sophisticated sense of history based on Como FG Savonnerie Oriental Rug, a green damask rug inspired by a 17th silk damask fabric. Interior Design by Koch Studio. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

A damask rug can have a dramatic impact without being the focal point of the room. The use of a tone on tone green damask rug in the living room above lends itself to a simple yet sophisticated design scheme with fresh elements, neutral hues, natural textures and pops of white accents. The damask rug adds interest and a sense of luxury, but at the same does so in a quiet and sophisticated way. The eye glides easily across the room to the understated chair and rustic table, the damask rug has serves as the perfect guide for this room’s decor.

Damask Rugs, damask rugs for sale, Savonnerie Rugs, Savonnerie carpets
Regal elegance with a blue, gold and yellow damask rug.

Notice how the gold and blue damask rug contributes to the elegance of the room. Coordinating cream and gold tones throughout the room allowed the designer to add the patterned chair without clashing prints. If you plan to incorporate various patterns and textures are mindful of the color palate you choose as some palates are more forgiving to mismatched pattern design schemes. Neutral tones like this gold and lighter shade of blue, as well as the black and white featured above work well as palates to allow for texture mixing.

Damask Rugs, damask rugs for sale, Savonnerie Rugs, Savonnerie carpets

The Lucia Savonnerie oriental rug is a fresh spin on a coloful damask rug in coral, green and touches of blue. Interior Design by Eric Guenther.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

The above living room is another example of a coordinated coral color palate that enables the room to present several different patterns while still being well tied together. However the refreshing coral color makes the room more contemporary. The bright pottery accents present an interchangeable accent that make it easy to continuously update the room while the rug can be timelessly interwoven to new design inspirations

Damask Rugs, damask rugs for sale, Savonnerie Rugs, Savonnerie carpets
 A white and black damask rug knits together modern and traditional elements in interior designer Thomas O’Brien’s Manhattan office. Image courtesy

Here in this last room you can see how the strong black and white damask rug coordinates well with the modern statement pieces like the desk and black and white photographs. The white photograph frames hung high on the wall create a sense of drama that interplays well with the rug. The lighting of the room helps to create warmth that can be challenging with neutral colors and modern furniture. Don’t let standard notions of interior design do’s and don’ts hold you back from pushing boundaries and experimenting with styles. With the right damask rug, like this classic, it is possible to tie together seemingly disparate trends and styles.

These damask rugs show how damask rugs with anceint patterns and modern colors are a perfect foundation for unifying many different styles, periods and patterns to create a chic and stylish room. Modern damask rug are able to tien seemingly disparate styles which is important because like Billy Baldwin stated, “Stick to the things you really love. An honest room is always up to date.” A modern damask rug can allow your room be up to date whether the pieces you choose and love are from periods as remote as the Belle Epoch or Louis XIV or as contemporary as 21’st century scuplture and abstract art.





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