How to Add Personality to Stately Rooms with Savonnerie Rugs

Ask Wikipedia to define Savonnerie rugs for you and you’ll find that they’re viewed as the “most prestigious” of all knotted-pile carpets as produced by Pierre DuPont under an 18-year priviège (that’s a patent to you and me) granted by Louis XIII in 1627. Achieving exceptional detail and rich textures through hundreds of subtle colors, Savonnerie rugs are still produced today. Using traditional methods and exquisite materials that meet the exceptional demands of famous interior designers the world over, Savonnerie rugs are prized for their ability to combine design genres and allow a home owner’s personality to shine through even in the most formal of spaces.

Scalable Stately Savonnerie Rugs

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While the Savonnerie rug shown here, in the dining room of the Beverly Hills mansion known as Palais des Anges, is a stunning piece, one could argue that a room so grand doesn’t need such embellishments. Perhaps the real genius of Savonnerie rugs is their ability to lend a true air of grandeur to a place without sacrificing the personality of the owner or the home itself.

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Here you can see how award-winning British designer Nicholas Haslam uses a round Empire Savonnerie rug to anchor the dining table and chairs. The pops of color on the rug ignite the accents in the gold chairs and create a stunning dining space you’d hardly believe was in a London apartment.

Savonnerie Rugs Bring Classical Cues to Modern Rooms

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A living room designed by Scott Snyder in Palm Beach, Florida. The Savonnerie rug’s cheery gelato colors- pistachio green, raspberry, lemon and vanilla are reflected in the upholstery and drapery fabrics and painting. Image Courtesy Scott Snyder.

Scott Snyder is widely known for his ability to create stately spaces in even the smallest of confines. In his Waterside project in Palm Beach, vibrant sherbet tones playfully contrast with classic shapes and details to create a modern, chic interior with rich echoes of classic design, as showcased by the Savonnerie rug at the room’s heart.

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 Michael S. Smith’s living room in his newly renovated Manhattan penthouse. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Similarly, Michael S Smith’s own townhouse in Manhattan, as featured in Architectural Digest, deploys the power of Savonnerie rugs to provide a simple air of sophistication in a clean, open space with lots of white and pale gray. The myriad palette of the rug gives Smith plenty to play with in terms of accents and detail, allowing the personalization of the space to be truly effortless.

Subtle Savonnerie Rugs for Stunning Airy Spaces

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Another image from the Beverly Hills Beaux Arts mansion, Palais des Anges, shows the impressive use of Savonnerie carpet in the master suite. Grand detail and a rich palette balance well with cream walls and a blanched background to produce an interior that lusters and looks as commanding as the owner intended.

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Vibrantly colored modern art compliments a Neoclassical Savonnerie carpet and silver grey walls and upholstery in the living room of Larry Hokanson. Image courtesy Luxe Magazine.

And finally, proving that your personal preferences become the star when you choose Savonnerie rugs for your interiors, there is this stunning grey and gold example in the upstairs living room of a federal-style house near downtown Houston as featured in the Houston edition of Luxe magazine. The home itself is rich with French neoclassical details, and the room is detailed with fine Russian and Austrian reproduction works, and the mantel is adorned with a plate from the period of Alexander I.

Savonnerie Rugs for Living Your Way

While in some situations, the detail and narrative nature of Savonnerie rugs means people are hesitant to place furnishings or other objects on them,  this is the opposite of what designers such as Michael S. Smith and David Easton do. They place furniture where it is most comfortable even if it covers prominent motifs in the rug. This is the true mark of elegance when it comes to decorating with Savonnerie rugs.

Savonnerie rugs are an excellent way to give an ordinary space an element of gravitas and personal charm that would be difficult to achieve with a more mundane floor covering. The vibrant, varied color schemes and patterns of Savonnerie rugs have earned them a prize place in the competitive world of interior design.

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