How to Add Style and Warmth with Decorative Rugs: 4 Chic Interiors

When the weather gets colder it’s tempting to draw the curtains and hibernate; but no one can hide away forever. So today, we’re going to show you a series of magnificent rooms designed to keep the chill out of the air through clever use of color and sumptuous rugs.

Add Warmth to Library with Coral and Blue Oriental Rug

coral orange oriental rug in living room

A coral oriental rug and chairs add warmth while blue walls bring a cheerful atmosphere to this Park Avenue library. Photo via

High ceilings, floods of natural light, and a dash of original architectural detail courtesy of J. E. R. Carpenter is the tip of the interest iceberg for guests to this stunning prewar cooperative. The mix of contrasting, vibrant colors within the space creates a unique spirit and warmth, and that starts with the wild palette of the rug. Blazing reds, glorious golds and a hint of regal blue swirl underfoot here providing an excellent base for the collection of objects housed within the walls. The eddy of color creates a fusion, a holistic, welcoming space where visitors can feel enveloped in the warmth of the atmosphere, whatever the weather.

Add Glamor and Warmth with Gold Walls and Aubusson Rug

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The inviting living room in Joan Rivers’ stunning New York apartment has a grand and warm feel thanks to the rich golden walls, gilded accents on the ceiling and a beige and gold Aubusson rug. Photo by Mick Hales.

Celebrated comedienne Joan Rivers is acknowledged as the Queen of Comedy – so it makes perfect sense the living room in her New York apartment would be fit for royalty. The warm glow of this space is courtesy of a bounty of gilded rococo-style plaster work, rich wood floors, and the opulent tones of the Aubusson rug. The choice of an Aubusson rug with gold and red accents is a masterstroke in an already grand space. The rug provides an anchor for the central area of the room, gives decorators plenty of choice in terms of accents and artifacts, and provides a rich, warming texture to the space.

Add Chic Style and Warmth with Yellow and Red Needlepoint Rug

Kelley Proxmire 1a

Kelly Proxmire created a chic and sunny atmosphere with yellow walls and a red needlepoint rug in this Rhode Island living room. Photo courtesy of Kelly Interior Design.

There’s little that evokes the feel of summer more than the vibrant shades of saltwater taffy, and designer Kelly Proxmire has created a beautiful beach scene in this Rhode Island summer house starting with a needlepoint rug rich with pink, green, and yellow tones. Proxmire’s choice of upholstery and accent pieces completes the summer scene, which filters onward through the home with more candy-shop color selections. Whether visitors find themselves here in the heart of winter or the full glow of the summer season, they’re sure to feel the warmth and cheer emanating from all corners of the space.

Create a Warm and Chic Living Room with Red and White Contemporary Rug

Cream, red, brown contemporary wool rugs, Amnada Nisbet Designs

Amanda Nesbit created a chic and warm look in this living room with a white, red and gold contemporary rug with a swirling pattern that adds energetic movement. Photo courtesy of Amanda Nisbet.

Starting with a contemporary, cream-based rug with splashes of red and brown shades, Amanda Nisbet crafted this personal, alluring space. The red drapery provides energetic contrast to the cream furnishings, at the same time infusing warmth into the natural light that pours through the dual-aspect windows. This amplifies subtle red queues that occur elsewhere in the room, providing a punch to the coral and tangerine cushions and accents in the space.

Hopefully, today’s showcase whets your appetite for finding ways to add warmth, style and glamor to your interiors so winters can be more enjoyable. Let the warmth shine from the inside out this season.

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