How to Add Warmth to Modern Open Spaces with Oushak Rugs

Do you love open plan spaces that look modern, feel airy and are bathed in natural light? Would you like these spaces to function equally well for entertaining guests and for cozy times with family? The problem is that unless you infuse some classic elements such as a beautiful Oushak rug into a modern space, the space can feel cold and hard. Most of us want our interiors to look modern and also feel comfortable and cozy. But if we fill a space with modern pieces we will discover that it lacks warmth and softness. The other major problem with an open plan space is that if they are not properly designed they make us feel we if we are adrift in an airport lounge or in the midst of a passageway. When we are enamored by open plan spaces we can overlook that we also have a need for privacy and for places where we can relax with a good book or get together for an intimate family chat. Today’s blog post explains the two keys for having it both ways-an open plan space that looks modern and feels intimate and cozy. These two steps will be illustrated by taking a critical look at an open plan space in the current issue of Traditional Home designed by Jamie Herzlinger Interiors.

Two Keys to Designing Modern Open Plan Spaces that are Also Warm and Inviting

1. Add warmth with Oushak rugs and classical design elements

Look for Oushak rugs with traditional patterns but contemporary colors. Such Oushak rugs will add warmth to the space while also work well contemporary fabrics and accessories. Avoid Oushak rugs that have been been excessively treated with chemicals which makes a rug look worn and thin. Chemically treatment can affect the durability of turn the colors of the rug yellow.

Add more classic elements such as traditionally shaped chairs upholstered in contemporary fabrics and classic architectural details.

2. Define each space with an Oushak rug and with appropriate furniture

Oushak rugs in soft contemporary colors are ideal for subtly defining and separating living rooms from family rooms, dining rooms from dens and libraries. Find Oushak rug in colors that will pull together the colors of the upholstery and accessories. You can give each area a distinct coloration which at the same time fits in with the overall look of the entire space.

Choose furniture that is comfortable and arrange it so it anticipates how guests and family members will actually use it. Avoid furniture and arrangements that create a pretty picture but are uncomfortable for the people who will use it.

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1. A grey and blue Oushak rug defines the family room. The traditional pattern of the Oushak rug adds softness and warmth to the contemporary furniture and the grey and taupe colors of the rug work well with the mohair sectional sofa by Christian Liaigre. The modern portrait in the background adds contemporary color.The dining area is visible in the back and to the right. The black upholstered stools just visible at the right define the edge of the kitchen area. Interior design by Jamie Herzlinger. Image courtesy Traditional Home.

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2. Since the living room is also the foyer, it was important that it feel cozy and invites guests to sit down. The first and most important task is to define the living room area within the open plan space and this has been achieved with the taupe and grey Ouhsak rug. Along with this is the need for appropriate seating. The four grey tufted and skirted club chairs by George Smith look comfortable. The round, mirrored coffee table adds a central focus to the seating area. The Murano glass chandelier adds a touch of elegance and moves the visitor’s eye upwards to the traditional molding. The piano completes the feeling of intimacy. Image courtesy Traditional Home.

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3. The den follows the same approach as the living room and the family room- a blue Oushak rug with taupe and brown accents defines and warms up the space and anchors the grey and brown long and low suede upholstered sofa by Christian Liaigre. The wall covering, also suede adds to the feeling of warmth and luxury and the contemporary painting accentuates the feeling of modernity. Image courtesy Traditional Home.


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