How to Artfully Mix Modern Furniture and Blue, Gold Needlepoint Rugs

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Alexis McDermott explains the benefits of mixing a blue and gold needlepoint rug with modern furniture:  “Incorporating elements of nature into a home is not a new concept but it is one that offers a multitude of exciting new looks.  Asmara’s Gold Branches needlepoint rug is shaded in the manner of a Pompeian fresco, and like an ancient fresco, it has thousands of subtle colors blended together. This needlepoint rug’s open trellis pattern has  a uniquely organic quality that brings the look and feel of a Tuscan garden indoors.  Some might assume only traditional furnishings could complement the floral design of this needlepoint rug.  On the contrary, to show the versatility of this rug I’ve paired it with pieces from Thomas Moser’s Vita Collection*.”

This blog has featured numerous rooms by AD 100 and Elle Decor A List Designers. The most memorable, stylish and timeless rooms exhibit an artful mix of contemporary furniture, traditional rugs and antiques. A room with just contemporary furniture can feel cold, while a room of only traditional furniture can remind us of grandmother!

Leading interior designers have their signature ways of mixing different decorative styles and design periods and then adding accents of vibrant colors that pop. Alexis’s design scheme is in the same genre with a stylish mix of modern furniture, blue and gold Branches needlepoint rug and brilliant gold antique vases and a choice of vibrant blue or orange paint for the walls.


*Alexis explained her choices further : “Described as ‘a stunning tribute to the influences of minimalism’, Moser’s Vita dining table, chairs and credenza ‘represent the confluence of…craftsmanship with the bold, graphic elements of modern design.’  Moser’s pieces are undeniably contemporary, but their beautiful wood grains handsomely compliment Asmara’s nature inspired needlepoint rug”.


Gold Branches Needlepoint Rug; Dining Table; Chairs; Credenza; Antique Yellow Vases; Murano Glass Chandelier; Candle Stick Lamps; Blue Paint; Orange Paint

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