How to Avoid Mistakes when Decorating with Blue Rugs: 3 Tips

Blue is a notoriously challenging color to decorate with.  Illustrator Scott Adams said that “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” However, it is easy to make mistakes with blue. Yet, when blue is used to its best advantage, the results are magical. If you want to challenge your creativity with blue, but need to minimize costly mistakes, you can start with one of three simple techniques to create a glorious room.

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The blue rug in Nina Yashar’s Milan apartment has a striated field and a Greek-key border. Image courtesy Casa Vogue.


1. Choose a Blue Rug if You Wish to Create a Serene Look

Blue is the color of the sky and of water, a connection that creates an aura of calm and serenity in any room. Starting with a blue rug with a delicate light blue pattern will create an airy, light look.

In the bedroom office of Milan gallery owner Nina Yashar, a Blue Rug creates a feeling of peace and calm. The striking azure colors of this blue rug are expressed in abstract striated lines, which bring to mind ripples in a blue pool. A Greek Key border gives the blue rug—and the room, created by architect and designer Giancarlo Montebello—a striking structure, and a deep blue from the rug is picked up in the ceiling. However, the blue color is used sparingly elsewhere in the room, allowing the chic accents of the contemporary yellow-green chair and red side table to really pop.

The light strokes of the blue rug, chosen by friend and designer Giancarlo Montebello, are subtle and create interest without overpowering.

blue rugs, blue rugs for sale, blue and white rugsLighter and darker shades of soft blue on the wall, drapes, blue rug and oval coffee table keep this room feeling and looking airy and tranquil.

The same concept of using a soft blue to create a feeling of lightness and airiness is also used in this sitting room with magnificent views of the ocean. The light blue rug is paired with neutral whites and blacks so it the echoes the blue of the ocean as seen through the stunning glass doors.

Slightly different shades of light blue are used on the walls and the drapes to remind us of the different shades of blue in the sea and the sky. Using closely related shades of blue makes the room look more layered and at the same time it minimizes any distractions and allows the ocean view to take center stage. The result is a beautiful, airy room that replays the blue of the sky and water to draw the eye outdoors.


Choose a Blue Rug With Bold Design and Color for Big Impact

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The bold design of the blue rug in the library creates the fresh look designer Carolyne Roehm was after.

Blue is a hue like no other, and it can have quite an impact when used to full effect. Another easy way to use blue is to choose a blue rug with intense blue color and an eye-catching design. The high contrast of the dark blue pattern against the white background makes a blue rug look even bolder.

The vibrant blue and white zig zag pattern of the blue rug chosen by designer Carolyne Roehm creates instant interest and drama. The bold pattern contrasts with the floral patterns of the sofa, chairs and planters, but repeats the white-on-blue color scheme. The eye is instantly drawn to the bold blue rug, creating a chick look in a formal layout.


Choose a Blue Rug With Yellow and Gold for a Chic Vibe

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Chose a blue rug with gold or beige accent colors and pair it with blue and gold fabrics. This will create a stunning and inviting room.

Too much blue can be overpowering as it is a cold color. A room with only cold colors will feel uninviting, specially in the fall and winter. You can solve this problem by adding warm yellows and golds to bring interest and warmth to the room. Designer Christina Murphy said, “Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging,” and the formula of pairing blues and yellows is a superb way to achieve a vibrant and chic look.

If you choose a blue rug that already contains warm accent colors such as beige or gold, it will help you avoid the mistake of designing a room that feels cold.

Here are some blue rugs with multiple shades of blue and other accent colors;

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Buy Greek Key Geometric Rug in Sea Blue

The Adelphi UG Oriental Rug contains several shades of sea blue with accents of sea green with white.

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The Kenya Needlepoint Rug contains medium and dark blues balanced with warm golden beige.

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The Thera Oushak Rug contains a wide range of faded aquas, washed out blues and pale greens that allow you to easily change decor while keeping the same Oushak rug.


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