How to Bring Distinction to Home Libraries with Aubusson Rugs

Aubusson rugs and home libraries are a natural fit. The colors and motifs of Aubusson rugs lend themselves perfectly to creating luxuriously cozy environments. Whether your library consists of a few bookshelves and a weathered French leather club chair in a corner or a massive floor-to-ceiling setup complete with rolling ladders, Aubusson rugs can help create the perfect space for soaking up knowledge and relaxing the mind.

The only rule is that you honor your own design style. Dorothy Draper said that decorating is fun, so remember this as you create your space.

An Aubusson Rug in a Prestigious Manhattan Townhouse

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Library in the NYC townhouse of Iva S.V. Patcevitch and his wife Chesbrough

Chessy Rayner was a designer in every sense of the word. She, the daughter of socialite Chesbrough Patcevitch, was born with a platinum spoon in her mouth and used that spoon to craft out a life filled with beauty, design and passion. She worked at magazines like Glamour, ultimately becoming the fashion editor at Vogue. She co-founded the MAC II design agency in the sixties, decorating the apartments of top designers like Bill Blass. Her “thing” was her ability to mix high fashion with street finds. She may have received some of her talent from her mother, Chesbrough.

This Manhattan townhouse was owned by Chessy’s mother and her stepfather, Iva S.V. Patcevitch, former chairman of Conde Nast. Chesbrough was a decorator herself and took it upon herself to give her home her personal touch. Aubusson rugs are tailor made for homes like these, and the Aubusson rug in this library fits in perfectly with its surroundings. When people decorate with Aubusson rugs, they either use colors from the rugs in the other elements in the room, or they allow the rugs to stand on their own.  Mrs. Patcevitch used her Aubusson rug to influence the other elements in the library. The coral and red tones in the rug are present in the seating and on the walls. The rug’s cream hues are reflected in the gorgeous ivory bookshelves. The silver mirror reflects the crystal chandelier. An Aubusson rug, cozy sofas and chandelier lighting on dimmers add up to make this room the perfect place to curl up with a favorite novel.

An Aubusson Rug Adorns a Georgian Revival house in Toronto

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26-foot tall Thierry W. Despont-designed library in a Georgian Revival house in Toronto. The library’s baronial design was inspired by the domed hall of Palladio’s Villa Capra, known as La Rotonda, near Vicenza, Italy. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

It’s easy to imagine that when the Ritz Paris closed its doors in 2012, a couple of well-bred travelers may have wept into their cognac glasses as they sat at the hotel’s Hemingway Bar, sipping their final 1400-euro Ritz Side Car cocktails for the last time and railing against the unfairness and indignity of it all. Those same folk may have instantly cheered when they discovered that the hotel was closing for a massive two-year renovation and refurbishment headed by none other than superstar architect Thierry Despont. If one of the world’s most preeminent luxury brands is putting the rebirth of what is arguably its most important property in your hands, you’re pretty good at what you do. Despont’s portfolio is on every designer’s wish list, with clients like the Getty Center in L.A., Claridge’s in London and countless luxury homes.

There are libraries that would look beautiful with Aubusson rugs, and then there are LIBRARIES that were built for Aubusson rugs. This one is the latter. With its soaring 26-foot ceilings, it was modeled after La Rotonda in Vicenza, Italy. The Aubusson rug features red and gold colors that are found in every part of the room. “This is one room I know I’m going to be proud of all my life,” said Thierry W. Despont.

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