How to Bring Young Vibe to Traditional Decor with Damask Rugs: 4 Tips

Damask rugs make it easy to design rooms with young energy. How to produce young energy in a room is the subject of two famous quotes by Christina Murphy and Miles Redd, both highly acclaimed young interior designers. House Beautiful Magazine’s Top 100 interior designer Christina Murphy believes “Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging,” and AD 100 interior designer Miles Redd advises, “Juxtaposition: high/ low; shiny/matte; refined/crude; grand/humble; modern/ancient. It is the essence of chic.” Damask rugs make it easy to implement the wisdom in these quotes. W we will learn how to ccomplish this by studying four stunning interiors.

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1. Alexis McDermott designed a youthful living room by starting with the yellow and coral Marbella Savonnerie Damask rug and creating pop with orange and blue accents. Alexis further heightened the energy by placing the orange and blue pillows on white upholstery for maximum contrast. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc. 

1. Damask Rugs Make it Easy to Create Pop with Youthful Colors

The tonal shading of damask rugs make a great background for creating pop with vibrant colors. To avoid creating a cacophony of competing colors, choose only two colors to create pop with. In the case of the Marbella Savonnerie Damask rug Alexis McDermott created pop with two colors- a bright orange that complements the coral accents in the border of the damask rug and a blue that adds a cooling contrast to the warm yellow and coral of the damask rug.

2. Neutral Damask Rugs Make it Easy to Freshen Decor and Keep it Young

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2. The major investments in this pink living room are the Alcazar damask rug and the sofa, both of which are in neutral colors- beige, taupe and white. It will be easy to change the color scheme by repainting the walls, and changing the fabrics on the two chairs and pillows. Interior design by Eric Guenther. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

The most desirable damask rugs combine classical patterns with modern colorations such as the beige, taupe and white Alcazar damask rug which interior designer Eric Guenther used to as a foundation for a Hollywood glamour pink living room. While this pink living room looks amazingly fashionable today, what will you do if in a few years you heart hankers for a purple color scheme? As Eric Guenther points out in the blog post, you can easily change the color scheme while keeping the same Alcazar damask rug.  All you have to do is paint the walls a different color and change the fabrics on the two pink chairs and pillows to purple fabrics. The white sofa and chair can also stay as is.

3. Damask Rugs Make it Easy to Mix Different Decorating Styles and Create Energy


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3. Koch Studio juxtaposed a contemporary chair and ottoman in a silvery grey damask fabric on the tonal green Como Savonnerie Damask rug which has a pattern inspired by a 17th century Italian silk damask fabric. Koch Studio also created contrasts between the rough, natural finish of the wood table and the shiny brass disk on the wall and anothe contrast between the weathered white door and the smooth cream leather screen. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

Koch Studio’s above living room is, to borrow Miles Redd’s term, the “essence of chic”. You can count the many contrasting juxtapositions between shiny/matte; refined/crude; grand/humble and modern/ancient in this living room. Remember this when you are wish to give young energy to a room design.

4. Damask Rugs Help You Juxtapose Shiny and Matte Textures


Terracotta, beige, green and blue rug 


4. The textured matte surface of the Lucia Savonnerie rug contrasts with the shiny orange and coral porcelain jars and the white ceramic table. The matte surface of this damask rug also produces a pleasing contrast with the shiny painted wood floor while it’s bright and fresh colors give the room a youthful look. The abrashed background of this coral damask rug has several shades of beige which is makes if very practical- “A little footprint will not look like anything and will not spoil it, which is important” says California designer Eric Guenther. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.




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