How to Create Pop with Red, Fuschia, Yellow on Flexible Decorator Rug

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When decorating with vibrant colors, make sure the decorator rug and the sofa are flexible so you can reuse them should you choose to change the color scheme or decorating style in the future.

Decorating with bright colors doesn’t have to be hard, scary or limiting if you pay attention to these simple rules:

1. Make sure the decorator rug is flexible so you can easily change the decor over time.

As long as the decorator rug and the sofa are flexible, you can easily change the color scheme in the future and preserve your investment in the decorator rug and the sofa. I chose the Mosaic wool and silk rug because its dark espresso brown color is a highly flexible neutral and the rug’s pattern is derived from a timeless 2000 year old Roman stone pavement.

2. Choose vibrant colors that complement each other such as red, fuchsia, yellow.

The trick to creating pops of vibrant colors is to pick colors that complement one another and then mix them with neutrals. In this room, I’ve chosen fuchsia and citron yellow as my jumping off point.

3. Support the neutral decorator rug with a neutral and contrasting sofa

I selected a cream French style sofa in a smooth linen to help balance the two bright shades of fuchsia and citron yellow and to provide a contrast to the rich espresso brown texture of the wool and silk decorator rug.

4. Fill in with accent pieces in similar hues

Finally, to help the fuchsia and citron yellow shades relate to each other, I added accent pieces that pick up similar hues and placed them around the room.   The result is a cheerful, unique living space that shows it isn’t afraid to have fun with color.


Mosaic wool and silk rug; French style sofa; Round Tulip Coffee Table by Saarinen for Knoll; Saarinen Marble Top Tulip Coffee Table; French Style Armchair ; Rare Charles Eames Sunshine Yellow “DAR” Arm Shells Chairs; Ceramic Vase by Alf Wallander for Rorstrand, Now a Lamp; Nickel Design Institute of America Table; Light Gray Paint; Light Pink Paint


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