How to Decorate a Breakers Penthouse with Contemporary Wool Rugs


A contemporary geometric textured needlepoint rug in a beige and white plaid pattern anchors the bright yellow green walls and abstract painting in peacock blue, parrot green and red. The wicker bed and chairs complement the grainy texture of the geometric contemporary needlepoint rug.

In todays post we will learn how to decorate an elegant sophisticated penthouse in the Breakers in Palm Beach through the work of interior designer Bruce Bierman. Bruce’s refined sensibility for color, balance and a dash of fun is clearly evident in this penthouse. We start with the master bedroom whose cool green walls act as a counterpoint to the classic hotel’s famous pink exterior. The master bedroom’s clean lines work in harmony with the peerless Palm Beach scenery on view from the bedroom’s private balcony.

Contmporary geometric needlepoint rug, bedroom needlepoint rug

The contemporary geometric needlepoint rug in a neutral beige and white plaid design ties the cool greens as well as the legendry pink exterior color of the Breakers.

The Franklin Report quotes a client who has worked with Bierman Designs: “Bruce does things subtly, a touch of Asian influence, a little color there.” “Our cookie-cutter apartment now magically looks like a glamorous loft.” “I am a very opinionated client. I interviewed 30 people for this job, and I will definitely go back to Bruce for the next one.” “So much fun.”

Neither safari nor tropical paradise define Bierman’s penthouse master bedroom, but rather a sophisticated and modern fusion of both. The wicker bed has clean contemporary line. The wicker seating speaks of comfort and warmth. In his selection of art, Mr. Bierman places an abstract painting in peacock colors beside the bed, bringing in warmth and vivid color.

A less-sophisticated designer might choose to introduce the brilliant blue and tropical green colors of the painting into the contemporary needlepoint rug but instead, Mr. Bierman knows that elegance comes from understamenet and he selects a textured neutral geometric contemporary needlepoint rug, which calmly unifies all the colors and textures in the room. The warm beige and white of the needlepoint rug are a soothing compliment to the citrus-lime green of the walls. As is customary with Mr. Bierman’s award-winning design, his accents are selected with discretion and care, revealing the personality of the penthouse residents. Having established the interplay of rectangle and square in the penthouse, he accents with a simple red and green tropical floral pillow and adds soft, horizontal counterpoints in lighting and vase accents.


Contemporary wool rug, beige geometric contemporary wool rug

A tan contemporary wool rug ties the warm reds, pinks, yellow, dark brown and whites in the lving room

contemporary wool rug, beige geometric wool rug, living room rug

The Chaise lounge is positioned for the panoramic view. The open plan kitchen is comfortable and elegant.

Beige contemporary rug, family room contemporary rug

A tan contemporary rug anchors the family room, game room and library. The wheeled coffee table, folding game table and chairs hint at a sophisticated Safari camp.

Grey contemporary wool rug, geometric contemporary wool rug

His private library has two seating groups for meeting. The dark woods, cream sofas, grey striped pillows are grounded by a grey geometric contemporary wool rug



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