How to Decorate in Style with Orange, Grey and Beige Rugs

Mary McDonald’s new Chinois Palais fabric for Schumacher is being advertised in a room which has a grey and white geometric rug. While this room looks eye catching, it feels cold. This is because grey hs been used in a large area of the geometric rug. If grey had been used in smaller amounts such as in pillows, it would have created an attractive pop, without making the room feel cold.

Interior designer Elizabeth Dinkel shows how to avoid such a mistake. Dinkel designed a chic, cheerful and inviting living room in Beverly Hills by pairing tangerine and orange fabrics with a beige and white geometric rug instead of a grey rug. In today’s post we will learn how to design warm and inviting rooms with tangerine and orange fabrics using beige and white rugs and and small amounts of grey and taupe.

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This chic and inviting Beverly Hills living room by Elizabeth Dinkel’s  pairs tangerine and orange fabrics with with a beige and white geometric rug. The white sofa creates pop and the yellowish beige chair adds warmth.  

beige and cream geometric rug support bright orange fabric

The bright orange Chinoiserie table pops next to the warm beige chair and the beige and white geometric rug.

Mixing geometric and floral patterns

In an adjacent room a taupe-beige geometric sofa fabric is warmed by the orange and yellow shades in the pillow and lamp.

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This beige and cream geometric needlepoint rug would pair well with tangerine and orange fabrics.


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Tangerine fabrics work with this taupe and grey Oushak rug because there are orange motifs in the Oushak rug that make it look warm. An Oushak rug with just grey and white and no orange, would have made this room feel cold.

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