How to Decorate Stylishly with Orange Rugs and Coral Rugs

Orange rugs, coral rugs, decorator rugs, Savonnerie rugs

The white furnishings and blue accent pieces contrast with the vibrant yellows and corals in this orange rug bringing to mind sunny days at the beach when the cool blues of the ocean and warm golds of the sand mean that white dresses will be in abundance. Learn more about this rug. Sources are at the end of the post.

Orange rugs and coral rugs have become highly fashionable. We predicted this in a January post Elie Saab’s Paris 2012 Couture Predicts a Coral Rugs, Red Rugs Trend after seeing how popular coral, orange and red were on the Spring 2012 fashion runways in New York, Paris and Milan.

Orange dress, orange rugs, Michael Kors

Michael Kors Boucle Shift Dress. Image courtesy Bergdorf Goodman

Etro, coral, orange, blue

Etro paired coral and orange with blue in this print dress. Today’s orange rug design scheme also pairs coral with blue. Image courtesy Bergdorf Goodman.

If you are considering decorating with coral and orange rugs you may be wondering if it is possible to do this in way that will look stylish for many years. We all want to avoid making choices that will look dated in a few years. Fortunately coral and orange were the favorite colors of legendary decorators Billy Baldwin and David Hicks who’s rooms still look fresh today. David Easton, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Mary McDonald, Jamie Drake and other leading decorator continue to create stylish and timeless rooms with coral and orange and you can learn from them before you start your decorating project:

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16 Elegant and Fashionable Rooms with Orange Rugs and Coral Rugs

Mona Berman Modernizes Tradition with Orange Rugs and Red Rugs

Today’s design scheme was based on the idea that a well colored coral and orange rug can add style and character to a space in a way no other decorator rug can. Being so large, the color of a coral and orange rug plays a huge role in the overall feel of a space.  For this week’s design scheme I chose a muted coral and orange rug with a yellow damask field that will give a living room a cheery, playful, modern yet classical feeling. To create a modern space, I’ve selected white furnishings with blue accent pieces to contrast with the vibrant yellows, corals and orange in the rug.  This color combination brings to mind sunny days at the beach when the cool blues of the ocean and the warm golds of the sand mean that white dresses will be in abundance.

Sources: Marbella Coral and Orange rug; Chaise lounge; 1920’s Carved Wood with Gold Finish Chair from Egypt; Classic Barcelona chair by Knoll International, designed by Mies Van Der Rohe; Hugh coffee table 1970; Pair of cube tables with a highly lacquered gold finish; 1950’s pair of pale blue Murano glass lamps.

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