How to Decorate with Chic Gray Oushak Rugs and Taupe, Black and Red

Today’s chic interiors are all based on gray Oushak rugs. The styles range from modern to traditional and demonstrate the extreme flexibility of gray Oushak rugs. The best gray Oushak rugs infuse modern rooms with warmth and a sense of history and give traditional rooms a contemporary ambiance. Enjoy!

Oushak rug, Gray Oushak rug, Silver Oushak rug, Eric Cohler

1. Eric Cohler gives the traditional furniture in this bedroom a modern ambiance by starting with an Oushak rug in pale gray and taupe and limiting the color palette of the fabrics, walls and furniture to white, gray, black and gold. The sophisticated layering of the Oushak rug, traditional furniture and antiques exudes elegance and history.

Oushak rug, Gray Oushak rug, Silver Oushak rug, Kara Mann

2. Kara Mann’s library has high energy, warmth and a very modern feeling . The Oushak rug’s silky creams, warm taupe and greenish golds support the warm reds of the velvet damask on the upholstered chair and the black of the desk and the painting. The distressed white walls and exposed pipes of the loft space create an alluring tension with the silky Oushak rug and the velvet upholstery fabrics. 

Oushak rug, Gray Oushak rug, David Easton

3. David Easton shows how to give a sophisticated traditional living room a clean, updated look with a soft gray Oushak rug. There is a masterful use of greens ranging from the lemon yellow in the walls and painting to the jade green table and warm green upholstery on the stools. The warm wood tones are balanced by the cool blues in the porcelain.

Belclaire House blog, theenchantedhome

4. Belclaire House, The Enchanted Home Blog and are credited for this beautiful living room by an unknown interior designer who has created an elegant conversation between the antique and the modern. The silvery wood framed antique French furniture, white upholstery and gray Oushak rug speak to the abstract painting and the glass coffee table.

Oushak rug, gray oushak rug, Pinar Oushak rugThe Pinar Oushak rug has many shades of gray and gray blue balanced by warm golden browns.

oushak rug, gray oushak rug, kiraz oushak rug

Kiraz Oushak rug. Cool grays, white and blue are balanced by warm browns.


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