How to Decorate with Colefax & Fowler Fabrics and Green Rugs: 5 Tips

With the arrival of spring nature is pouring out a profusion of new growth in every imaginable shade of green. Every day new flowers arrive and green starts to play a supporting role for yellow, blue, purple, red and orange. When you decorate with Colefax and Fowler’s green fabrics and green rugs you are taking a lesson from nature and creating a highly flexible backdrop, because every color in the rainbow will go with some shade of green. Using green as a canvas, you will be able to introduce a wide range of  colors to freshen your decor. But green is not just nauture’s universal supporting color, it also has many beneficial effects- it is soothing to the eye, calming to frayed emotions and invigorating to the mind. Green symbolizes new growth, possibility, healing and acceptance.  Our Five tips for decorating with green rugs and green fabrics show you how to get the most out of decorating with nature’s favorite color.

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Fabrics: L-R: Larsen’s Peking, Manuel Canovas’ Champs Elysees, Cowtan & Tout’s Lola, Larsen’s Nobu, and Colefax And Fowler’s Lamerton. Image courtesy Cowtan & Tout
Green rug:  Ferncroft Needlepoint Rug has a repeating pattern of four different kinds of ferns surrounded by a geometric border inspired by the Bronx Botainical Garden. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


colefax lamerton 400p resized 600

Colefax And Fowler’s Lamerton fabric in green. Code F3505/01


Four Tips for Decorating with Green Rugs and Green Fabrics

1. Select and green rug that has many shades of green

A green rug that contains a wide range of shades will give you greater flexibility in finding fabrics that will work with the rug. If you look closely at different plants in a garden you will see that there are many shades of green and each is adapted to go best with the colors produced by that plant. Therefore a green rug that has many shades will allow you to introduce many other colors. The Ferncroft needlepoint rug has four different kinds of ferns and each has different kinds of greens. The wide range of green shades makes the Ferncroft needlepoint rug very flexible to decorate with.

The other important advantage of having many shades of green in a rug is that it gives the decor more depth and layering to the decor.

If a green rug has only a few shades of green, it will narrow your choice of fabrics.

Colors that go with green benjamin moore 3strip 700p

A wide range of colors go with green.  Image courtesy Benjamin Moore Color Gallery.

2. Make sure the green rug contains one or two warm colors

While green is an uplifting color, it is also a cool color and needs to be balanced with warm colors such as red, orange or yellow. When a green rug contains a warm color it will make it easier to introduce fabrics and accessories in warm colors into the room. The Ferncroft needlepoint rug has warm yellow and beiges. The yellow is in the border and the beiges are in the veins of the largest fern leaves.

3. Make sure the green rug and fabrics contain a mix of organic and geometric motifs

When you mix organic, botanical and and geometric motifs the room design feels more satisfying and there is more energy and movement in the room. The Ferncroft needlepoint rug has a geometric border that is inspired by the conservatory in the Bronx Botanical Gardens. The geometric pattern of the conservatory building is a natural complement to leaf patterns of all kinds.

Enid A Haupt conservatory bronx botanical garden 700p

The border of the Ferncroft needlepoint rug was inspired by the structure of the Victorian-style glasshouse of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory in the New York Botanical Gardens. Image courtesy New York Botanical Gardens.

4. Create a contrast between the scale of the fabric and the green rug’s patterns

If the patterns in the fabrics and the green rug are of the same scale, the room will look busy and lack personality. One of the ferns in the Ferncroft needlepoint rug has very large leaves compared to the leaves in the Lamerton fabric. The three other ferns in the needlepoint rug have intermediate size leaves. Having such a wide range of scales in a room gives the room a dramatic personality.

5. Create a mix of different textures with the fabrics and green rug

Since we chose a green needlepoint rug with a smooth texture, we paired it with the grainy embroidered texture of Colefax and Fowler’s Lamerton fabric. Whenever you mix different textures a room feels and looks more interesting.

green rugs, green rugs for sale, green rug, Needlepoint rugs

A close-up view of Colefax And Fowler’s Lamerton shows a grainy embroidered texture that creates an attractive contrast with the smooth texture of the Ferncroft needlepoint rug.

 green rugs, green rugs for sale, green rug, Needlepoint rugs

buy cream and green needlepoint rug

The Ferncroft Needlepoint Rug has four different kinds of ferns, each of a different shape, different size and with different shades of green. The warm yellow and beiges in the border and leaf veins balance the cool greens.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

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