How to Decorate with Needlepoint Rugs and Green Rugs

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This needlepoint rug beautifully ties together the modern and traditional elements in this dining room. The coral trellis pattern of the needlepoint rug is in a perfect marriage with the sculptural base of the dining table while the grainy texture of the needlepoint rug brings out the beauty of the smooth glass surface of the table top. View this needlepoint rug. View Sources below. 

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Seeing new spring growth all around stirs in us the desire to freshen up our homes. With this in mind I’ve created a design scheme that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of spring inside your home, all year round.

Green rugs in spring shades of lime, moss and blue green have both a restful and energizing effect on us. More interesting to look at than white or beige rugs, green is a color we never tire of.  Neither too masculine, nor too feminine, using green rugs in a space is a safe first step in introducing color to a room. If in the future you wish to add new colors to the room, you can be assured that any new color you bring in will look great with a green rug. Look closely at nature.  You will see that flowers of every color look pleasing next to their green leaves.

To intoroduce some drama to this dining room, I chose a modern glass topped table with a beautiful, sculptural base.  The gold adds just the right amount of glamour without overwhelming the space.  To keep the room approachable and not too harsh, however, I included some traditional furniture pieces to help balance the decor.  Though the furishings differ greatly from one another, to make them all work together I chose this coral patterned needlepoint rug to tie in all the elements in the room.

When designing any room in a home I like to add a touch of the unexpected.  In this case I selected a rich burnt orange paint.   For the fearless designer the color could be used on the walls of the dining room but, alternatively, you could introduce burnt orange accent pieces to an adjoining living room or paint the walls of an adjacent kitchen in the same shade.  Such use of a color, from one room to the next, creates a pleasing continuity for the living space.

There are many ways to freshen up a home and spring is the perfect time to get started.  When you design a space that is inviting all year round, your time, money and effort are all well spent.  Happy Spring Designing!






Flowing Coral Needlepoint Rug; 1970’s French Dining Table; Hepplewhite Cane Itlaian Dining Chairs; 1940’s Kittinger Breakfront; Italian Painted Side Server; Gold Leaf Chandelier; Vintage Murano Column Lamps.

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