How to Decorate with Pierre Frey Spring 2013 Fabrics and Blue Rugs

The most beautiful of Pierre Frey’s Spring 2013 fabrics are the hand crafted, indigo dyed Collection Shibao. Blue rugs that go best with these fabrics are made of handspun wool yarn which produces natural variations in color and texture. Avoid blue rugs with overly shiny, smooth and uniform textures and colors, as they will look incompatible with the handcrafted textures of the Shibao fabrics. The pattern of the blue rug should be chosen with care so it enhances the organic and geometric patterns of Pierre Frey’s blue fabrics. Today we look at a selection of Pierre Frey’s new fabrics and gain an appreciation of their ethnic origins. This will help us in selecting the most suitable blue rugs for decorating.

Pierre Frey Spring 2013 Fabrics, Collection ShibaoPierre Frey Spring 2013 Fabrics, Collection Shibao

Pierre Frey Spring 2013 Fabrics, Collection ShibaoPierre Frey Spring 2013 Fabrics, Collection Shibao

Pierre Frey’s Spring 2013 Fabrics from Collection Shibao: Clockwise from top left: 1. Left: Miao, a reversible piqué in the traditional weave of the Miao people of China; Right: Namibie, the pattern comes from a ceremonial hanging of Cameroon. 2. Left: Azur, a stripe in linen; Right: Lysithe, an embroidery with textural variations produced by mixing different embroidery stitches. 3. Indigo, a stripe with color gradations produced by hand dying. 4. Left: Marco Polo, a stripe; Middle: Miao, and Right: Mandalay, a batik motif in stone washed jute and linen. It has a rustic, hand-crafted character. Images 1, 2 and 3 courtesy of the Quintessence blog; image 4 courtesy of Pierre Frey

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Fabrics on Top: Left: Shibao, hand-crafted embroidery fabric with blue meandering curves on a linen ground. Right: Jeans, an indigo dyed denim that will acquire patina with use. Image courtesy of the Quintessence blog

Bottom: Kenya, a needlepoint rug made with handspun wool in a combination of two needlepoint stitches. Kenya’s pattern is inspired by antique Moroccan tiles and has natural variations in color and texture.

Three Tips for Pairing Handcrafted Blue and White Fabrics with Blue Rugs

1. Choose a blue rug that has natural shade variations and warm accent colors

A blue rug made of handspun wool with many shades of blue and ivory will add to the shades of blue and white in the Pierre Frey fabrics and will make a room feel layered. A room with only blue and white will feel cold. To make the room feel inviting, introduce warm accent colors. Choose a blue rug that contains golden beige or yellow accents as these will add warmth to the room. These warm accents also make it easy to introduce more yellow and gold with accessories and pillows.

2. Avoid blue rugs that have shiny, smooth and overly uniform textures and colors

Blue rugs with shiny, smooth and overly uniform textures and colors will look out of place with the handcrafted textures and indigo dyed blue shades of Pierre Frey’s Collection Shibao. Blue rugs made of handspun yarns and handcrafted weaves will look compatible and further enhance the look of handcrafted fabrics.

3. Choose blue rugs that complement but not mimic the fabric patterns

The patterns of Pierre Frey’s Shibao fabrics are inspired by ethnic weaves and many have irregular, naturalistic looks. For fabrics with curving organic looking patterns choose blue rugs with complementary geometric patterns. In this way you will create a balance of curvilinear and geometric patterns which will make the room feel sophisticated and pleasing. Similarly for fabrics with stripes and other regular geometric patterns, choose blue rugs with curving, organic patterns. The general principle is that the pattern of the blue rug should not mimic the fabric patterns but balance and complement it.

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