How to Design a Relaxing Retreat with Colorful Rugs: 4 Tips

If you start with a colorful rug that has a balance of soft green, sea blue and yellow, it will guide you in designing a relaxing and invigorating retreat and avoid the costly mistake of using too many strong colors that can make the room look like an Easter egg. Today’s four tips will save you from making this mistake and make it easy to achieve a stylish and relaxing interior that will be admired.

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This colorful rug guides you in selecting fabrics, furniture and accessories that create a relaxing retreat and keeps you from making the mistake of using too many bright colors that can give a room an Easter egg look. The pink chair and wood tones add pop. Image © Asmara, Inc.

1. Ground the room with a colorful rug in relaxing green, blue and yellow

When combined artfully green, blue and yellow are soothing, relaxing and invigorating. Green being the color of nature is soothing and rejuvenating. Blue makes us feel open to new possibilities and yellow brings in the life giving energy of sunlight.

However these colors must be balanced in a subtle way, otherwise the room can take in the look of an Easter egg. This why I suggest starting the room with an artfully designed colorful rug that has graduated shades of green, sea blue, turquoise and yellow that go from soft to vibrant in such a way that the room feels colorful but not overpowering.

2. Banish bland interiors by avoiding playing safe with color

When choosing colors for a space there are a number of directions one can go. From bold to bright and every shade in-between, the options are endless. Using colors to decorate an interior is a balancing act.  Use too many colors and the result reminds one of an Easter egg. Use too few shades and you are left with a washed out space that is bland and flat. The trick is to find a range colors that are close in value but differ enough so that they register as distinct colors to an untrained eye. Then, add a pop of color and some contrast in design to make the space interesting.

3. Select fabrics and furniture in two or three colors that are found in the colorful rug.

I wanted to create a relaxing retreat that feels weathered and warm.  The Medici is a colorful rug that makes a subtle and sophisticated statement. The Medici Rug’s undulating greens, turquoises and sea blues, let the eye roam through the space, uninterrupted. To continue this free flowing effect I selected furnishings in subtle shades of cream, blue and pink, that do not distract the eye. Instead these pieces nearly fade into the rug, with one exception…

4. Create tension with one unexpected item

Note the bed side table in this room.  Its warm, honey colored finish clearly contrasts the muted shades of the bed, dresser, mirror and chair.  The style of the piece is also unique.  Rather than another weathered European antique, it is an Asian inspired design. It is this unexpected twist that keeps this bedroom from feeling predictable.

Product sources for designing a relaxing interior with a colorful rug:

Medici colorful rug with blue, green and yellow; Painted Swedish Commode; 19th century painted mirror; French Louis XVI Style square back painted marquise bergeres; 19th century French Faux bamboo night stand; Pair of elegant hand blown white Murano glass lamps; Antique French Louis XVI painted queen bed

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