How to Design an Alluring Bedroom with Aubusson Rugs

The pre-history of Aubusson rugs and Savonnerie carpets begins with a royal decree from the French King Henri IV to revive the French luxury arts. The king provided studios and workshops in the galleries of the Louvre Palace itself. The first rugs were made exclusively for the royal palaces. In time the aristocracy found a way to have Aubusson rugs made for their country estates and these were made in the village of Aubusson a three hour journey from Paris. The glamorous history of these handmade flat weave rugs is peppered with political drama to match the intricate curves of the scroll work and natural motifs that adorn these beautiful rugs. Given their history and distinctive looks, it really is no wonder that Aubusson rugs are a favorite of interior designers who use them to bring an air of sophistication and allure to any space, particularly the bedroom.

Make Bedroom Alluring with Aubusson Rugs

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Aubusson rugs really are an integral part of chic home interiors – as this example form Elle Décor magazine shows. Featured is a guest room in the New Orleans Garden District home of author Julia Reed and John Pearce. The rug’s rich purple accents provide an excellent point for the interior accents, and the soft, handwoven texture makes Aubusson rugs an alluring place for both people and pooch to rest after a long day’s exploration.

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

Here we see how White House interior designer Michael S. Smith uses a neoclassical Aubusson rug to integrate a wide color palette into a bedroom in a townhouse in New York. Because Aubusson rugs contain a hundreds of subtle colors, Smith is able to pull together items that might otherwise seem out of place – such as a pink wing-back neoclassical chair along with the soft blue linens. The room’s palette is completed with the echo of the rug’s blue and gold border bands in the gold and blue framed artwork over the bed.

Create a Romantic Ambiance with Aubusson Rugs

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When Lee Kirch designed the rooms of her cottage in Southern California, she employed an eclectic French country style. In the guest room shown here, the combination of pink, rose, burgundy and red shades are echoed in the gorgeous tapestry-style Aubusson rug at the foot of the bed. The 18th century French mirror, along with the heady mix of patterns and textures in the other textiles, create a romantic and chic bedroom that is sure to comfort any weary traveler. 

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The room shown here from Traditional Home illustrates how Aubusson rugs can serve as the foundation for a calming, airy room that welcomes guests so they immediately feel at home in the space you’ve provided for them. Particularly given the home owner’s careful choice of calming blues and cheerful yellows, this room affords guests a calm space with luxurious details that continue the French decorative theme established by the unmistakable presence of an Aubusson rug at the room’s base. 

Create a Distinctive Style by Breaking Design Rules

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Because Aubusson rugs feature incredible detail, it can feel wrong to put your furnishings on them – who would want to hide all those gorgeous filigrees, flowers and scrolling details? But don’t fret – if you wish to create amazing open bedroom spaces, an Aubusson rug such as the one Leta Austin Foster features in this room is a great choice.

By placing the bed across the rug’s huge central medallion, Foster breaks up the formality of the rug, allowing the room to absorb the style in a subtle way. This lets the detail and accent pieces, such as the mirrored nightstands, speak for themselves and impart a subtle air of sophistication to the finished room.

The true beauty of using Aubusson rugs is that they lend an instant atmosphere of sophistication that few other rugs can match. These rugs are not only beautiful, they also bring a centuries old weaving tradition, glamorous artistry and a rich history into your home.

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