How to Design Cheery Interiors with Spring Color Needlepoint Rugs

The last big storm of this winter has wrapped my house in a thick blanket of snow and in the soft silence I have begun dreaming of nestling with a good book in a warm library decorated in cheery spring colors instead of dark wintry tones. My inspiration is a happy needlepoint rug with fresh green, sea blue, yellow, coral and red. I have always wanted an antique English mahogany breakfront book case, but to give the room a more interesting look I paired it with a mid-century modern French settee and Art Deco pieces. The red fabric on the settee resonates nicely with the energizing coral and red in the needlepoint rug. This design scheme can be easily adapted for a cheerful living room by replacing the book case with sea green or sea blue upholstery.

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The Flowing Coral Needlepoint rug brings the cheerful and invigorating feeling of spring to a library or living room. Rug Design Copyright Asmara, Inc.

A cozy library doesn’t have to be dark and masculine. A library is not just for  quiet reading, it is also a place to meet friends and to rejuvenate oneself. Spring colors and nature inspired motifs are soothing, invigorating and make us feel more cheerful on wintry days. It is a surprise that nature inspired themes and cheerful colors are not used more often in libraries.
When looking for a nature inspired needlepoint rug for a library, make sure the rug has the strength of color and pattern to stand up to the dark wood tones in book cases, paneling and furniture. I chose the Flowing Coral needlepoint rug because in addition to its fresh, unexpected and whimsical look, it has a strong pattern and the its red and coral shades resonate with the rich mahogany of the furniture.
The green fabric of the armchair picks up the greens and sea blues in the needlepoint rug and the yellow silk pillows pick create pop while picking up the yellows in the needlepoint rug.
If you wish to adapt this design scheme to a living room by the sea, I would suggest using sea blue fabrics on the chairs and on the sofa that replaces the book case.
A room feels richer when you mix different textures. In this design scheme  the nubby texture of the needlepoint rug contrasts with the smooth silk of the pillows and the polished wood tones contrast with the brushed texture of the settee fabric.
When you look at the sources you will appreciate the mix of different styles from traditional English, to Art Deco and French mid century modern. It is the mix that gives a room an individual personality. If you buy all your furniture and rugs in the same style or from the same source, it will not have the charm and individuality that a well composed design scheme has.

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