How to Design Chic Interiors with Orange Rugs and Coral Rugs

The versatility of orange rugs and orange, in general, is astonishing. Whether you’re looking to give a previously decorated room a little more ‘va-va-voom’ or are completely starting from scratch, using one of the many hues of orange such as coral and tangerine can make all the difference between enhancing your palette and allowing it to be just so-so.

As a designer, or even just as a fan of design, you know that visual interest is the most important thing when picking out decorative rugs, fabrics, furniture and decorative accessories. As Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” It seems that lately, in the realm of details, color has become the name of the game. Whether your client is looking to have a sleek and toned down space or an area of intense color and texture, you have to work within their style limits to come up with a room worth looking at. This is where orange and coral rugs comes in to play.

Orange Rugs and the Hues of Subtlety and Eccentricity

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A room by architect Charles Todd Helton illustrates the dramatic impact a coral rug makes in a room in need of visual interest, complementing the architecture of the area without stealing the spotlight.

Coral has become the most popular hue of orange to use in an interior. Tangerine and basic orange, itself, are generally used to add slight pops here and there around a room and they should not be used in excess. While blatantly orange rugs may work for some clients, for many it may be overbearing. This is why coral rugs or rugs with coral accents are the most neutral-friendly colorful rugs available to you. Coral rugs can work in large sizes without overwhelming a room and thus make the area more comfortable and relaxing to be in.

For homes looking to have more traditional elements, while maintaining a bright and cheerful appearance, tangerine and orange are definitely the way to go. Whether you’re looking to complement blue, creams, and neutrals within a room, or just trying to add a large splash of color, orange rugs can do either while maintaining the balance needed in such spaces. While you may be sure of what sort of color you are going after, don’t forget to be wary of mixing patterns that don’t play off of one another.

Orange rugs, orange rugs for sale, coral rugs for sale, coral rugs
A Fortuny fabric shows a perfect neutral color to pair with coral.

Fortuny was a master at using multiple shades of a color such as coral and orange and create a lively palette with it. This same approach can be followed when decorating with coral rugs and orange rugs.

Making Everything Flow Effortlessly with Orange Rugs

Since orange is a warm color it is important to always be aware of what it is surrounded by. While orange rugs look fine with warm wood tones, if you are going to pair them with blue, then you should try several shades of blue to find just the right shade as in the Lucia rug at the end of this blog post.

Orange rugs, orange rugs for sale, coral rugs for sale, coral rugs
Neutrals are often used to connect orange rugs and coral rugs with the outdoors.

Lastly, don’t forget to try to draw colors away from any orange rugs that you use by adding similar pops of it in slightly more elevated areas of a room. Doing so will cause the eye to follow them more easily. You wouldn’t want your client to walk into their room and only stare at the floor. Being sure to add movement of the color throughout the room will make all of the difference in the world. Not only will it make this give the room an invigorating energy, it will also make it feel more inviting.

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