How to Design Chic Rooms with Green rugs and Black, Yellow and Blue

Green rugs can certainly help to create a space that is full of serenity and calm. They recall the abundant greens shades and tints found in nature, but green offers a lot more options than just creating an oasis effect.

When paired with different colors, green rugs can do some amazing things for your room. Interior designer Robert Hadley said, “Decoration is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That’s what this is all about…”

While a green rug can be calming and serene, not everyone’s soul is nourished by such décor, and many who are looking for a design that is edgy or chic may think that green is out. However, when paired with the right colors, green rugs can be as modern, chic or eye-popping as you could ever want.

Create Drama by Pairing Green Rugs With Black

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A green rug with gray and white accents is paired with black to create instant drama and interest in this seating area designed by Amanda Nisbet. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet Design.

Green rugs can be paired with black for instant drama. While too much black can be overwhelming, but when paired with lively tones of yellow it creates a dramatic effect that  speaks volumes. In the living room created by New York designer Amanda Nisbet, the lime green rug with gray and a hint of dark gray, instills a chic, modern feel throughout the room. The black, gray, white along with green walls makes this space instantly appealing.

Geometric rugs

Bold, intense greens work well with black as well.

It’s not only light green that works in this color combination, either. In the living room pictured, the greens in the room are bold and powerful. While the rug is not green, the interplay between the black and green is evident.


Create Lyrical Interiors with Green Rugs and Blue

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Blue paired with green rugs creates a hip mood that is still cool and interesting. Interior design by Steven Gambrel. Image courtesy Steven Gambrel.

Green rugs can also be paired with blue to create a mood and movement that almost seems musical. The two colors blended create the jewel tone aqua, so using the colors side-by-side looks cool and flows like a jazz tune. The sitting area created by New York designer Steven Gambrel uses tones of green and blue for a room with movement and presence.


Create Energy by Pairing Green Rugs with White and Yellow

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Green rugs matched with yellow and white make a room come alive. Image courtesy

A green rug can certainly be mellow and calming, but it can get a boost of energy when paired with fresh white and dynamic yellow. Instead of a serene space when using just greens, adding yellows and bright white enlivens the space, which might be just what your soul needs.

The green rug in the living room also has yellow and white, which are echoed throughout the room in the pillows and window treatments. It’s light, airy and full of a jaunty character that invites playfulness and exuberance.

Create Pop by Pairing Green Rug with Red, Orange or Pink

A green rug can work with other color combinations to achieve an array of atmospheres. Green rugs paired with red create instant pop. This is true of a green rug and any color on the warm end of the color wheel; green and orange, and green and bright pink can look modern and hip. Green can also be paired with soft pinks for a demure, feminine touch.

A green rug paired with shades of black can be bold and trendy, while green and blue create a lyrical feel. The wide assortment of green rugs can achieve whatever message you need to feed the soul!


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