How to Design Cozy Glamor with Red Rugs: 12 Chic Interiors

Red has become a hot fashion color- just leaf through the current issue of Vogue and you will see it everywhere, starting with the cover.

red rugs, coral rugs

Rihanna in red on the cover of the November 2012 Vogue. Image courtesy Vogue Magazine.

red rugs, coral rugs

Oscar de la Renta’s Tulip Print A-Line Dress has a stunning palette of many shades of red. This dress offers an excellent guide for developing a color palette for decorating with red rugs and red accents. Image Courtesy Bergdorf Goodman

red rugs, coral rugs

A closer look at the Tulip dress reveals how Oscar de la Renta achieved his stunning color composition. He started with a range of reds- from yellow reds to blue reds, then deepened the layering by adding touches of analogous warm colors- tan and gold. Finally, de la Renta created pop by introducing white and black. Image Courtesy Bergdorf Goodman.

No other color rivals red in its ability to grab attention. Interior designer use small amounts of red but spread it strategically across the room to create powerful impact and move the eye energetically. Look for this as you enjoy the beauty of today’s 12 interiors, all by leading interior designers. Just as Oscar de la Renta’s Tulip dress has many shades of red, so do these interiors revel in coral, tomato red, pomegranate, Chinese red, ruby and burgundy.

gold and blue oriental rugs

1. Interior Designer Michael S. Smith’s brought warmth and glamour with red, coral and rust to the Upper East Side, New York living room of actress and comedian Ali Wentworth and husband George Stephanopoulos. Smith distributed the red, coral and rust accents all across the living room as well as in the foyer which is partly visible through the doorway. The reds make the eye move around the room. The navy and taupe antique oriental rug balances the warm reds and a bright blue Chinoiserie ceramic table creates pop. Image courtesty Architectural Digest.

gold and blue oriental rugs

1A. Another view shows how Michael S. Smith spread red, persimmon, ruby and coral accents throughout the living room. The weathered look of the gold and blue antique oriental rug creates a feeling of depth and gives credibility to the decor. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

red rugs, geometric rugs

2. A giant ruby shaped midcentury modern ottoman rests on a tomato red and blue geometric antique oriental rug. The black ceiling and charcoal grey walls heighten the drama in this end of the master bedroom of the California bachelor pad of Maroon 5’s front man Adam Levine. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

red rugs, red geometric rugs, geometric rugs

3. For his glamorous Manhattan library interior designer Alex Papachristidis designed a red, purple and teal ziz zag rug that resembles an Ikat. The ikat rug resonates with the ikat fabrics on the sofa and chairs. Bursts of red in the pillow, sofa fabric, and book shelves move the eye across the room. The Chinoiserie coffee table and gold accents remind us of sunshine. Image courtesy Elle Decor.

red rugs, red geometric rugs, geometric rugs

4. For his partner’s dressing room Alex Papachristidis designed a red, purple and teal geometric rug to balance the vast expanses of the red and teal floral Chinoiserie fabric.  Image courtesy Elle Decor.

Beige and white geometric rugs

5. Interior Designer Felicia Zwebner chose a beige and cream geometric rug to pull together adjacent dining and seating areas decorated for Thanksgiving dinner. The room was designed for the 2011 Holiday House Designer Showhouse. The circular motifs in the geometric rug echo the arched windows. The beige and white color palette of the rug brings out the coral, red, gold, blue and purple accents in the fabrics. Image courtesy Traditional Home Magazine.

red rugs, red geometric rugs, geometric rugs

6. Haynes-Roberts chose a red, cream, gold and black geometric rug to tie together the red headboard, pillows and gold drapery in this romantic master bedroom. Image courtesy Haynes-Roberts Inc.

red, black, grey and white rugs, red, grey, black and white geometric rugs, Navajo custom rugs

7. Interior Designer J. Randall Powers chic and cozy Houston living room has an alluring mix of styles ranging from Chinoiserie to Art Deco to traditional. Warm tomato reds pop against grey and white upholstery. A red, black and grey Navajo custom rug brings energy and movement. Mirrors on either side of the fireplace make the room appear larger. Image courtesty Architectural Digest.

purple and white rugs

8. J. Randall Powers anchored the library of his 1920’s Houston home on another custom Navajo rug. The warm tomato red accents in the custom rug, pillows, stool and book shelves move the eye across the room. Green walls provide cooling balance. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

James Rixner, Traditional Home Magazine, Holliday House 2011 Designer Showhouse, wool and silk rug

9. Interior Designer James Rixner chose a white and purple wool and silk Tibetano rug with an over scale curving pattern that resonates with the white sideboard, curving draperies, Murano glass chandelier and Juan Montoya Sleigh chairs. The curvilinear elements are balanced by the straight lines in the brown and white paneling, mirror and coffee table. The passionate red color of the chair and pillow fabric were chosen to create a Valentine’s Day theme in this living room in the 2011 Holiday House Designer Showhouse. Image courtesy Traditional Home Magazine.

Brown and white zebra rugs, brown and white rugs

10. Richard Lambertson and John Truex are design directors of the Tiffany Leather Collection. For the media room of their Sutton Place, New York apartment the duo painted the walls a purplish brown similar to the sofa fabric. Reds and blues in the 70’s silk screens and in the Ikat pillows create pop while the brown and cream zebra rug brings movement and light. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

cream and coral Oushak rugs, cream and rose Oushak rugs

11. Interior Designer Carlos Aparicio chose an early 20th century Swedish rug to anchor a Jean-Michel Frank table and chairs in the dining room of fashion editor and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia’s Manhattan apartment. The red chair fabric pattern resonates with the checkerboard patterns in the border of the brown and gold geometric rug. Image courtesty Architectural Digest.

Inson Wood, Traditional Home Magazine, Holliday House 2011 Designer Showhouse, Silk persian design rug

12. Interior Designer Inson Wood chose a Chinese New Year theme for the living room in the 2011 Holiday House Designer Showhouse in New York. The pale coral and rose accents in the cream silk oushak rug provides a calm refuge from the active energy of the red walls and fiery orange Chinoiserie fabrics. Image courtesy Traditional Home Magazine.

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